Meal Prep Recipe – Healthy Swap for Chicken and Broccoli

If you love chicken and broccoli from your local Chinese Food take out joint, this meal prep recipe is right up your alley! I love finding healthy swaps for cheat meals that I enjoy, but having a low carb version of this popular dish is hard to come by. The biggest down fail of Chinese Food is that is always comes with fried rice, which is delicious, but if you are following a low to no carb diet it’s a big no-no. That’s why I wanted to make a healthy version that is low carb, high protein and loaded with good for you vegetables. I hope you enjoy this dish and use it as part of your weekly meal prepping routine.

Health Meal Prep Swap for Chicken and Broccoli

Ingredients Needed:

Appliances & Kitchen Items Needed:

Cooking your chicken:

To cook the chicken I like to use chicken thighs since they tend to fall apart in the slow cooker really well. I use two packages which makes for five lunches.

  1. Spray you slow cooker with olive oil or coconut oil spray
  2. Turn on to high mode and set for 3 hours
  3. Add your olive oil (which helps the chicken stay moist and fall apart well and not get dry)
  4. Add your balsamic vinegar and seasonings
  5. Pour in 1/4 cup of chicken broth but not too much that it covers the chicken.
  6. Place the chicken in and trim any extra fat if you desire leaner chicken
  7. Cook until the chicken falls apart

To Make Your Cauliflower Rice:

Cauliflower rice is great while following a low carb diet and it gives the texture and flavor of actual rice too so it’s a nice bonus. My husband was even convinced I slipped rice into his meals, but nope it’s just cauliflower ­čÖé

  1. Spray your skillet and put on a low to medium heat
  2. Add in the full bag of the cauliflower rice
  3. Use a generous amount of the liquid aminos which have a soy sauce type taste which is great for a dish like this
  4. Let simmer until the cauliflower starts to get a translucent color instead of bright white/ivory

To Make Your Broccoli:

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables and has loads of fiber so it will fill you up. It is a great addition to any meal and really easy to make.

  1. With your other larger skillet spray your pan and put it on a medium heat
  2. Rinse your broccoli florets and place in the skillet
  3. Add a generous amount of Oh My Spice Garlic Lovers seasoning and mix around to get it on all the florets
  4. Cover with a lid and let it steam until the broccoli becomes soft

This dish is easy to make and tastes amazing! You can make five full meals with this recipe and it is a low carb, high protein option for those of you also following a ketogenic diet. I also find that I can make these relatively cheap so it saves me money to make these at home instead of buying lunch at work or out at a local place each day.

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