Skincare Beauty Products and Tricks to Use During Winter

In winter you need a special skin care to keep your beauty even when it’s awfully cold. Learn some ways that will help you pass safely through the season without needing frequent visits to the beauty salon.


The skin absorbs 70% of the cream that you use. Use bio cosmetics (without parabens or other chemical compounds) as there are propitious for skin health and your health in general! Choose carefully the skin care cosmetics you use.
When choosing your face cream for winter, do not ignore your skin type. For best results, choose a product for your skin, whether it is dry, sensitive or oily.

Creamy Cleanser

Cleanser will remove the impurities and makeup, but it can also dry the skin, especially in winter. If you generally use a gel cleanser, try a creamy one during this period to ensure that your skin stays hydrated regardless of your skin type. Most of the creamy cleansers include emollients, vitamins, oils and nourishing ingredients with nutritional and calming skin role.

Mask Your Problems

Even if you have oily skin in general, cold weather can make it drier. Use a powerful moisturizing mask on a weekly basis or twice a week. It is recommended to apply the mask after you take a shower as your facial skin pores are dilated, allowing the nutrients from the mask to penetrate more easily into the skin. Make sure you do not let the mask for longer than the recommended time as its effects will dry your skin rather than hydrate it.   

Buy a Humidifier

Another way of preventing dry skin it to use a humidifier at night while you sleep. In the morning you will see that not only your face feels smoother, but also the hands and lips will no longer feel dry and dehydrated.

Body Lotions

You do not want to ignore your body which is why you have to choose and use the right moisturizing body lotion after each shower.It can be an ultra-strong formula, such as body butter or baby oils. If you prefer natural products, try olive oil, argan and almond.

Hand Moisturizing Cream

Hand Moisturizing Cream can prevent dryness and cracking hands. It consists of oils and water in equal proportions. A hand cream is different from a hand lotion because it is fatter and richer in emollient substances. If your skin is dry and prone to cracking, it is advisable to use a hand cream, but if you have normal skin, you can rely with on lotion.

Foot Cream

Taking care of the soles should be a very important part of the beauty routine as it is beneficial for the peripheral circulatory health and the physical appearance of the legs. The best moment you can dedicate to legs care is after you take a warm bath. Use calendula cream or cream with chestnut extract for cracked heels. They will quickly smoothen your soles. Tip for Creams: In general, strongly scented creams may be a bad choice, although they are tempting. This type of creams have alcohol in their composition and can affect your skin. It is wise to avoid them and opt for optimal organic creams.       

Lip Balm

Similarly to your face and hands, your lips can also be highly affected by the cold temperatures and dehydrate your lips. Beauty specialists recommend using a protective lip balm with an oily texture, no flavors before going to bed and let the lip balms heal/hydrate your lips’ skin throughout the night.

Hydrate Your Skin with Honey

Honey is not just a simple natural sweetener, but a real treasure for the skin. Rub some honey on your face and leave it for 30-60 minutes. Then take a hot towel (held above steams) and put it on the face. Rinse with cold water and then, in order to prolong the beneficial effects of the honey, apply a few drops of olive oil.Another beneficial way to constantly keep your skin healthy and glowing is to replace sugar in your coffee/tea or foods with honey.

Consume Enough Omega 3

Although beauty products will always help your skin, the real beauty trick for a glowing look, is hidden in your diet. A diet containing omega 3 makes your skin softer and smoother from the inside. Fatty acids are emollients and they act as natural moisturizers which revitalize the dry skin.Sprinkle almonds over cereals or add sunflower seeds in the salad or in your sandwich for a daily consumption of Omega 3.

Exfoliate your skin regularly

A weekly exfoliation speeds up the recovery process of the skin and helps in increasing the production of collagen and elastin.Exfoliation should be done carefully. Normally, you should exfoliate your skin about twice a week. But if you have sensitive skin, twice a week would be too much and it can irritate your skin. If, instead, you have oily skin you may need to exfoliate more often than twice (especially in the summer) to remove dirt that can clog your pores. In order to avoid harming your skin, you can ask the advice of a specialist before deciding how often you have to use the scrub. When it comes to buying such beauty products you just need to browse through discount codes at, allowing you to find the best deals on your favorite brands in a fraction of the time.

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