Video – Some of My Favorite Upper Body and Core Exercises

 If you want to get results you must earn them, every single day and in every single workout. Today in the gym I was tired, cranky, hungry and didn’t want to be there. But I knew once I got in those four walls I would put my music on, focus and use the time wisely. Today I trained shoulders, some back and abs. I also did some finishing cardio too. I hope you enjoy this quick clip and can use these exercises the next time you want to train upper body and core.

Watch my video to see all of my workout in the gym:

I love these awesome tank tops that I found at Target. I like when workout gear feels loose and comfy to allow my body to breathe and move easily. These tops are great because they are more of a “muscle” tee which  means the arm holes are a bit bigger and deeper and you can see your sports bra on the side. They help me to stay cool when lifting and doing cardio, plus the high neck line makes it more comfortable when I am lifting so things don’t pop out or fall out lol.

Below are some quick screen shots of the exercises I wanted to talk about in this post.

It’s fun and easy to use the smith machine to do chin ups from the laying down position. I do these in between sets to get an extra pump in for the upper body.

If your gym does not have barbells you can sit on the floor indian style like this picture below and use the smith machine to do shoulder presses. This works great and had my upper body burning!

I train upper body 2-3 times a week and focus on various muscle groups. I do back on one day, biceps/triceps and shoulders another and then I do one day of a circuit routine. I love how defined arms and shoulders look on a female and over time, with the right diet and workouts you can start to really see those muscles pop!

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