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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Adrienne and as my website would suggest I am a “Jersey Girl” born and raised. I grew up in NJ, went to college in NJ (Go Rutgers!) and still live and work in the Garden State. Back in 2012 I started www.JerseyGirlTalk.com and it’s been a passion project of mine every since.

Why I started a blog: As a child I was always drawing, acting, putting on shows and writing. I loved all things poetry and even as a 10 year old wrote my own books and went around town pretending to be a new reporter. I went to college and got my Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies. I really wanted to be a writer, working for a magazine or television network. Most of my career I have worked in media; I started at Clear Channel and worked my way up the ranks in various areas of promotions, marketing, digital marketing and then social media. I then transitioned into a new role at a company called Vitamin Shoppe running their social media and PR for almost 5 years, which is where my love of health, fitness, vitamins and supplements grew even more!  It was right around the time I started working there I decided to create my blog. I was learning so much everyday in the industry, I had made personal changes in my life to start lifting and strength training, so it was the perfect time to build my own website to share my journey.

Image may contain: 2 peopleAbout My Journey: I was always an active kid and in high school I was a cheerleader, on the rowing team and always outdoors. I don’t think as a kid we were ever indoors; we were always outside running and playing. When I went away to college I took a job at the Rutgers University gym and really started to learn about weight lifting. I fell in love with it and wanted to learn everything I could about it. I started to read magazines and train myself and started to see a change in my body. The sad part was that college was also the time when I started to develop really terrible body image issues and have a negative relationship with food. For over 10 years I really did suffer in silence trying to battle with really unhealthy feelings towards weight, food, image, etc. It wasn’t until 2012 when I picked up a book called “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” that my life truly changed. I finally decided that it was time to be kind to my body and learn how to lift, eat and thrive without torturing myself mentally and physically about being super skinny – I wanted to be FIT and STRONG!

Image may contain: 1 personWhy I created my blog: I wanted to share with other women my journey but also inspire others, pass on what I’ve learned and also have my own outlet to be a writer. Today I still work in marketing and my full time job is still related to social media and content, but having a blog all about health and fitness and beauty is what keeps me really fulfilled. I can have my own section on the web that is all my own, that no one can control or tell me what to say or not to say and I can share my experiences with other women around the world. I aim to be someone people can reach out to and seek advice or guidance. I am not a nutritionist, competitive athlete; I am just a 30 something year old who loves the gym, eating well and sharing my life online.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smilingMore about me beyond fitness: I am a happily married lady to my best friend, John. We have a dog named Lola who is our baby. I am an Aries and am passionate about anything I set my mind to. I have an amazing family, though I did suffer the terrible loss of losing my best friend and biggest supporter, my mom, to lung cancer in 2015 only a few short months before my wedding. I learned so much about being a strong woman from her and everyday I aim to make her proud. I love traveling, cooking, photography, working out and a good glass of homemade wine.

Thank you all for visiting my site and following my journey. I am so glad that you are here 🙂

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