Understanding Microneedling Treatment Procedures and Methods

Understanding Microneedling Treatment Procedures and Methods

Microneedling refers to any skincare procedure which uses needles to repeatedly puncture the epidermis, or outer skin layer. One popular form of microneedling is called Dermaroller because the needles are arranged on a roller-shaped device, which can be rolled across the skin to accomplish the end goal. Below is an explanation of how microneedling works and what you can expect if you sign up for the procedure.

How Skin is Healed with Microneedling

The microneedling process is useful for treating certain skin conditions because it causes a small amount of damage to the skin. Damaging your skin might sound bad, but it can actually be beneficial to damage tiny areas of the skin because it will cause your body to make more elastin, collagen, and other materials that make skin strong and healthy. By getting your body to make more of those substances, the minor damage from the microneedling process will be repaired, as will a lot of preexisting skin damage.

Types of Skin Issues Microneedling Can Treat

Microneedling is capable of treating several different skin issues. Among them are certain white scars and acne scarring. If you have stretch marks you may be able to reduce the appearance of those marks with microneedling as well. Many types of laser repair tools for skin health can accomplish those same goals. However, if you are deemed to be a poor candidate for laser treatment by your skincare clinician then you may be able to have microneedling instead. Microneedling treatment does not have the same candidacy restrictions because it doesn’t produce the same level of heat as laser procedures do.

How Large the Dermaroller Needles Are

You may be concerned about having your skin poked with multiple needles, but the needles used in Dermaroller or other microneedling procedures are very small. The most common needle length is 1.0 mm, but the length can vary from .05 mm up to 2 mm or a little larger. The needle length used will depend on the intensity and depth of treatment you need based on the recommendation from your clinician. Sometimes microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, can be used to treat surface skin issues, but it is also possible to treat skin problems a few skin layers deep using this type of treatment method.

What Happens During Microneedling

When you go in for a microneedling appointment your technician will carefully wash the treatment area. Then a topical ointment will be applied to your skin to numb it. You will have to sit for approximately an hour and wait for that numbing ointment to take effect. Once the area is fully numbed the microneedling treatment itself will only take approximately 20 minutes. However, the exact amount of time necessary for treatment will depend on the amount of your skin you need to have treated.

What to Do After Your Initial Microneedling Treatment

After you undergo microneedling you must follow the instructions given by your clinician. For example, you will be required to wear sunscreen for at least a week because your skin’s

sensitivity to sunlight will be heightened. Your clinician many also recommend that you wait about six weeks before you schedule another microneedling treatment. The reason for such a wait is that your body needs time to repair itself between appointments. Additionally, your clinician may suggest that you have anywhere from two to six treatments six weeks apart for the best chances of clearing up the skin problems you are trying to treat.

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