Weekend Leg Day Gains Workout Routine and Update

When it comes to leg day I like to do it on the weekend. I really don’t like to be pressed for time and like to really go at my own pace without being rushed. On Saturday I like to head to my local Retro Fitness where there is so many options for equipment especially an Olympic squat rack. I don’t have access to one of those in my home gym, so on leg day I love going to a real, full blown gym to do so much more. I spent about 90 minutes in the gym on this day because I took my time. I also did four sets of every single exercise so it took me awhile to finish each of my super sets. Keep in mind this will take you awhile to complete so make sure you are not in a rush to get this done.

I haven’t been lifting legs heavy at all in the last two months. I had a bad pain in my lower back that was radiating down my hip bone. It turns out my lower back discs were very compressed and could have been causing some issue with the nerves. I had to go for 2 sets of X-Rays, visited a chiropractor and an orthopedic doctor. This is why you haven’t seen me sharing much of my workouts lately. I am now under the care of an amazing chiropractor and seeing him 2 times a week for adjustments.

My spine was so misaligned and now each week I have gained more mobility and less strain so it’s time to start training again – YAY! There is nothing worse than wanting to workout but knowing you shouldn’t because you could do more damage, but now I am feeling great so it’s time to GROW!

My current stats: 5’5″ and 112lbs. I am around 15% body fat and starting to slowly lean out. My diet has been mostly low carb, but adding in more protein lately and still doing healthy fats, but not nearly as high as I used to when focusing really hard on ketogenic dieting. I want to put on some more muscle/size so I needed to increase my protein macros.

Here is a look at the leg day workout I did today:

Five minute bike warm up – this is so key for me to get my knees to warm up before doing squats. I love to do some cycling to just get my joints loosened up. 

I highly recommend getting yourself a pair of resistance bands for leg day; they help me keep my knees in place during squats and hip thrusters.

Super set 1

Back squat 10×4

Resistance band walks

Super set 2

Smith machine deadlifts 10×4

Reverse lunges w dumbbells 20×4

Super set 3

Hip thrusters 15×4

Bench step ups w plates 20×4

Super set 4

Pistol squat on bench 10×4

Goblet squats 10×4

It will take time to finish all of these reps and sets, but take your time! Focus on form and squeezing those glutes! Do not rush any of these exercises and always make sure you drive through your heels. This routine is meant to take a long time, it is meant to challenge you but trust me, if you want to grow muscle you need to train for it.


Post workout

I love to get a shake made at the gym using Chocolate Whey protein (40grams of protein), water ice and a serving of natural peanut butter. This fills me up and also helps me add more water to my daily intake. I hadn’t been very good about doing a daily protein shake, but lately they satisfy a sweet tooth craving and I look forward to them when I don’t want to eat a meal but need some protein and calories.

I also have become addicted to making my own version of a protein iced coffee shake. I take any iced coffee and add a scoop of Cinnamon Bun Optimum Nutrition protein powder for a sweet treat. No need for milk or sugar, this will take the place of both and taste delish!


I have been taking CrushFit YOLO (if you use code JERSEYGIRL you get a good discount) or my go-to Cellucor C4 Ripped. I always take a pre-workout and do it about 15 minutes before going into the gym. Both of these give me energy to finish that last rep, but they don’t give me a Niacin flush or make me tingle (beta alanine can do that to people who are sensitive to this ingredient).

If anyone wants a free sample of YOLO just comment below your email and I’ll gather your shipping details and mail you some 🙂

For my post workout and intra workout I use CrushFit BCAA or Scivation Xtend BCAA. I fill a shaker bottle with this all day long and drink it during my workouts and also while I am at work to flavor my water and keep my muscle constantly repaired.

Remember, if you are training legs HARD you will be sore the next day and the day after that; gotta love DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is why I am a nut about drinking BCAAs all the time. Not only does it make plain water taste better, but it will keep helping your muscle fibers to repair and recover. I also take True Athlete ZMA at night, before bed, to repair and help me to get a restful night’s sleep. Also always make sure to stretch and foam roll. I have a foam roller in my apartment and do it each night to break up any lactic acid build up.

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  1. You’re too awesome for sending us samples! Love your posts, they always help to keep me motivated and on track

  2. I just started doing your 12 week program. Excited to see the results. I would love to try any samples you have so I know what I would like to buy. Also what kind of protein powder do you use?
    Glad to hear your doing better. Looking forward to seeing more workouts.

    Thank you

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