Video: A Total Body Workout Circuit Routine

This video is a quick look at what a circuit total body workout would look like with about 45 minutes of time in the gym. It focuses on a lot of resistance band exercises, bosu ball, a padded medicine ball, padded mat and 7.5 pound dumb bells. Feel free to use weights or no weight at all, it really all depends what you have access to. Lately I’ve been back in the gym every night after work and it’s been feeling amazing. I am focusing more on circuit and split workouts (one day lower, one day upper, one day HIIT circuits). I’ve had some lower back and hip pain over the last few weeks – I will be doing a post about that separately but needless to say I’ve been trying to film my workouts more often for you guys so bear with me 🙂

Resistance Bands:

I have been using these more and more lately for engaging different parts of my glutes, hips and thighs. You can use a light band all the way up to heavy for even more resistance. These are pretty inexpensive and I love them to take with me on vacation to in order to do a quick workout in my hotel with little room required in my suitcase.

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I do this entire circuit for 3 total rounds, with all the exercises done back to back to back with little to no rest time in between. This will get your heart rate pumping, glutes firing and core engaged. Let me know if you do any of these the next time you hit up the gym!

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