Flormar Makeup Makes Their New Jersey Debut

Discover the cruelty free makeup brand that’s taking over the U.S. FLORMAR COSMETICS

I recently received a delightful little delivery from the Turkish beauty maven FLORMAR to help celebrate and announce their U.S. debut! They are launching their amazing beauty products at Harmon Face Values in Pasadena, CA and in the Tristate area. I was honored to be 1 of 200 exclusive beauty bloggers to get to test out their cosmetics. Their new store in Garden State Plaza is now open for all makeup lovers to stop by, test out their products and play dress up!

The box they sent me came with a custom makeup bag with my name on it which I thought was such a cute touch! They took the time to make me something special to hold all of my new makeup goodies and I love a good makeup bag. I always use a makeup tote to store my makeup so that it doesn’t get all over my purse, or if something inside breaks open it doesn’t ruin the inside of my bag (how many times has that happened to you?!)

Inside they gave me a ton of great products ranging from face primers to lipsticks, mascara to an eyebrow marker. I was really excited to try out their line of makeup and make some glamourous looks. Below I will share with you all the products they sent me and a little bit of information about each.

FLORMAR Makeup Items in My Bag:

Makeup Primers: They sent me two primers which can be used for two different looks. One is a basic primer base that is a bit creamier and white, but blends clear. This is great to create a smooth canvas before applying your liquid foundation. The other is more of a bronze illuminator that is much thinner and has a dewy, bronze glow but isn’t over powering. In the photo I mixed both to show you how you can blend them for a gorgeous summer primer.

Lipsticks: They sent me a few lip products that are gorgeous for a bold red or berry lip look. They sent me a liquid matte lipstick, a gloss, a lip pencil and a lipstick. I love the red for a night time look and I don’t have a red lipstick I love right now so this is perfect. I normally use the Ruby Woo by MAC but it completely dried out on me so this is a great addition to my collection.

The berry color lipstick isn’t quite a berry but in the mauve/berry family. I love this color for everyday and it compliments my skin tone perfectly. The lipstick is very moisturizing and not drying at all. It goes on so smooth and creamy!

Mascaras: I am always testing out new mascara and I go through them quite quickly. Once they start to dry out I move on to a new one. They sent me 3 different mascaras to try. I love that they have such a variety and the wands are all great! I usually look for mascara for volume and length so it’s nice to have a few to choose from!

Eyebrow Liner: They also sent me an eyebrow liner. I have to admit I have not tried a liner for my eyebrows, but I am open to testing this out to see if it will work for me. I am always trying out new eyebrow products and I have not found any combination that is flawless yet. I have even been considering doing microblading because I hate having to fill in my eyebrows everyday. I am excited to test this out to see if it makes my morning routine easier and faster.

Once I have some time to test out a makeup look I will update this post and put it below. I don’t wear much dramatic makeup during the week because at work I keep it pretty natural and simple. I will certainly use some of these when I have a night out and want to create a more dramatic look. The quality of all these items is really good and I love that you can find them in Harmon’s which always has coupons and is very reasonably priced. I always walk in and come out with things I didn’t even need or expect to buy, lol.

And for those of you who live in New Jersey like me, Flormar has opened up a store filled with makeup from floor to ceiling in Garden State Plaza in Paramus. I would highly recommend taking a visit and checking out their full line of products and testing them on. You can also get some great tips and advice from the staff in the store. Their products are all high quality at affordable prices. Let me know if you try any of their products and your thoughts.

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