Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette Review

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

There is nothing that makes a makeup lover like me happier than returning home after a long day of work and seeing a special delivery on my doorstep. Today I was greeted with a little black box from Influenster with the bold name Marc Jacobs on top. This made my day and I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what was inside.

The product I received was the new Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eye Palette. There are six total palettes from this Marc Jacobs beauty collection with a gorgeous range of colors for any eye color and skin tone. These are never-seen-before palettes so getting to test these out was so exciting! The colors of the palettes are inspired by the textiles, textures and colors of Marc Jacob’s runway collection. Just like clothing you can layer these colors and textures to make endless eyeshadow looks.

There are four finishes to the eyeshadows:

  • buttery matte velvet
  • shimmering satin
  • sparkling silk
  • metallic lame

Each palette has 7 colors that can turn any look from day to night; casual to glam; subtle to sultry. The palette I received is called “Glambition” and is a Bare & Bronze color range with beautiful neutrals as well as some pink, purple and one darker shade to create a variety of looks. Since I have blue eyes I was so pleased to see that they sent me a palette that would work perfectly for my eye color. I love to use peach to mauve and even darker hues to help my eyes really pop!

The palette case and packaging is sleek, rich and elegant. I love the shape of the palette as well – it is thin and doesn’t take up as much space as some larger palettes that have two rows of colors. I like how the 7 colors are all in the same row to make them slim and perfect to storing in my makeup drawers. It also has a large mirror so that you can really get up close as you are applying your colors.

The first thing you notice is the textures of the shadows; they are all slightly different. Some have a shimmer, some look very soft, and some have almost a glitter tone. I love the variety and will list a bit about each color below:

Left to Right:

  1. She Was: the lightest color and very soft and creamy almost like a velvet perfect for a simply look or base color
  2. Infamous: this is my favorite color in the palette. It has a warm mauve tone that can be used alone for daytime and compliments my skin tone and eye color. It’s so subtle and soft.
  3. Known For: this is a iridescent, shimmery shade that will be good for night time or when you have a nice tan and want a bronze inspired look
  4. Seeking: a perfect neutral brown color that is versatile and can be worn alone or with a lighter color as your crease color
  5. The Most: this is a brighter pink color with some shimmer to it. This will likely be a color I use a bit less, but can surely be used in the corner of the eye or in the center to make a pop on the lids
  6. Over the Top: this is such a rich, deep color that is perfect for crease or corners. Normally I wouldn’t wear a color this dark in the brown family but this one is so warm and chocolate-y.
  7. Glamour: this is the most dark color, almost black with some flecks of gold or purple glitter. This is great for a smokey eye effect and stunning.

The colors in this palette remind me of a cool, crisp Autumn day. The colors are versatile and some can be worn alone, while others can make for really dramatic looks for night time or special events. I am also not a big eyeshadow person and am not that great at creating eyeshadow looks, but these are so easy to blend they make someone like me look like I know what I’m doing.

They also included a sample of the Marc Jacobs Under (Cover) perfecting coconut eye shadow primer. It is so soft and soothing to put on and you just use a small amount on the eyelid before applying any shadow to allow it to blend flawlessly and last all day and night without smearing or smudging.

Overall my impressions of this product is it’s absolutely beautiful and the colors are perfect for my skin tone. It allows you to create looks that are flawless especially simple and settle looks for daytime and the ability to layer colors and textures on for something a little bit more dramatic at night. I can’t wait to start using this as part of my looks and will share some updated photos very soon.

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