My Homemade Dog Food Recipe for a Finicky Yorkie

For those of you who have a small breed dog like a Yorkshire terrier it’s no surprise that they are finicky eaters. My dogs name is Lola and she’s six years old and she is one of the hardest dogs to feed and has always been this way since she was little. Of course we tried our best to stick to a regimented routine for her daily food but as with many dogs after a short period of time of loving something she was eating she would just stop cold turkey and not eat anything we put on her dish. When she was very young we were strict only feeding her natural dog food. She did well for a while because that was the only food she was introduced to but overtime little bits and pieces of human food were really delicious and she stopped eating dog food altogether.

That wasn’t such a big deal to me as I didn’t mind making her natural food on my own like grilled chicken or slow cooker chicken or beef or sometimes pork but even those options got tiring to her after a while. I’ve tried countless types of dog food as well as recipes but Lola never seems to gravitate towards any of them. So I decided to work on figuring out what she would love eating every day and started to use this simple recipe to keep her belly happy and me as well.

I have tried quite a few brands that worked well, but nothing lasted long term. Lola has liked Blue Buffalo and Wellness Brand food. She loves the Rachel Ray Nutrish treats as well. I get her some to reward her, but sometimes I find when she has access to treats (she learns where I hide them and sits and barks at the cabinets, no lie) she will stop eating food. It’s a viscous cycle that I am always trying to break!

The first thing that’s most important when making something for my dog as it has a lot of flavor and is moist. Many dog foods or even proteins alone get ferry dry by the end of the day and if she doesn’t eat it in the morning it just turns into a rock. Sometime she wakes up very hungry and sometime she doesn’t eat until the evening so it’s hard to predict when to place her food down without it going to waste. I also make sure that she has some vegetables in her food that she enjoys to at least give her a little bit of fiber and additional vitamins and minerals as well.  She seems to love peas and carrots as well as green beans and her favorite meat is beef or chicken.

Here is the current recipe I have been making my dog that she enjoys eating and makes prepping her meals really easy on a Sunday for the rest of the week.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

I put this all into a skillet and use the broth rice and vegetables first to get the rice really soft. Then I start to slowly add the ground beef in and chop it up finally and let it sit on a medium simmer covered for about 20 minutes. After that I put a small amount out afterwards cold for her to eat and then put the rest in a Tupperware container to heat up every morning.

What I love about the broth bowls is that their dog friendly. A lot of people don’t realize that regular broth in a container usually contain seasonings like onion and garlic which are toxic to dogs. This broth is safe for dogs and actually makes all dog food taste delicious. The broth bowls are different flavors but I like the chicken broth as it is also low sodium and contains no garlic or onion.

Sometimes if I find she isn’t eating the food I will add a little bit of melted mozzarella cheese on top because she loves cheese and it gives it a nice flavor. Yorkies are very picky eaters so even in a few weeks from now she may stop enjoying this recipe but for now she really likes it and eat it up.

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