I ate watermelon for a week and this is what happened

It was after my recent vacation to the Bahamas that I came home and suffered from a terrible cold that lasted about a week. It was very random considering it was the middle of the summer time and I felt under the weather as if I had a terrible bug you only get during the wintertime. For some reason I couldn’t shake it and wanted to do some type of plan to help rid my system of whatever it was that was ailing me and reset myself. I remember years ago hearing about an actor who did a watermelon cleanse in order to drop a ton of weight for a role he was playing and started to do some research about the other benefits of this watermelon only diet. I decided I was going to try it for a week and see what was going to happen.

Some people call this a cleanse but basically it’s a diet consisting of one item of food only all day long which is watermelon. My husband and I both decided to do it together this way we can both motivate each other to stay on the cleanse and also it made it easy so we can both buy the same items for the week and not have to worry about cooking. We started our watermelon cleanse first thing on Monday and actually lasted for seven days. Since it’s the summertime watermelon is one of my favorite fruits anyway so this was more of a treat then a diet to me. We ate only watermelon morning noon and night. No other foods however I did take my normal vitamins and supplements and sports nutrition items for my workouts.

After the first day it was not hard for me to do this at all because watermelon is 90% water so every time I would eat it I would get filled up really quickly on the fluids and not be hungry. Unlike doing a liquid cleanse you’re actually chewing the watermelon so in some sort of way you’re tricking your mind and to think you’re eating food as opposed to drinking it when you do a liquid cleanse. It might seem small and trivial but just the action of chewing can make your brain think you’re eating and not feel as hungry. Plus like I said I love watermelon especially when it’s seedless and super cold in the fridge it’s just a refreshing treat in the summertime when you’re very hot and don’t want to eat really heavy food anyway.

Every night I would buy 2 to 3 full watermelons and chop them up in the fridge and the next day take multiple Tupperware containers with me to work and eat whenever I had time in between meetings. At night time I would get home and work out and then have more watermelon and maybe have another container right before bedtime. I would still drink lots of water during the day and flavor it with my favorite current BCAA powder. The great thing about the watermelon cleanses you’re probably getting more water into your system than you normally do on any given day and it’s also pretty low in sugar unlike some other denser fruits like apples and peaches so you don’t really have to worry about lots and lots of sugar in your diet.

During the cleanse I actually felt more energized and very clear minded as well as  got rid of my cold pretty quickly likely because I was flushing everything out of my system. I will say you go to the bathroom quite a bit while doing this just because of how much water you consume each day but that also made my skin look really nice and overall I felt no bloating at all and a very flat tummy.

You’re probably asking if I lost any weight and the truth of the matter is I did. I went from 113 pounds when I started to a little bit less than 108 and one week and of course this is mostly water weight but also definitely some body fat since I was at a calorie deficit compared to my normal diet.

This is definitely not something that anyone should do long term but safe to do for 5 to 7 days and I likely will do it again. I actually enjoyed not having to worry about making my meals are prepping my food and just eating when I was actually hungry but not just because of what time of day it was. When you do something restrictive like this kind of plans you realize that a lot of the times you’re eating out of habit and not actually out of hunger so it’s a really great mental challenge as well. I felt very lean and light and as I mentioned I never had any issues with loading which sometimes can happen with me with certain foods. I had enough energy to get through my workouts and felt really great so overall I had a very positive experience.

Has anyone else ever tried the watermelon cleanse?

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