Video: New Crush Fit Workout Supplements Review

Hey guys, I just got a new special delivery from my friends at Crush Fit and their supplements are now available online! I wanted to share a full review with you on their new pre-workout and bcaas in a new video I just added to my YouTube Channel. I am so excited since this has been a long time in the making and their products turned out amazing! If you are just starting out using workout supplements I highly recommend to check out the Crush Fit YOLO Pre-Workout and GO! BCAAs.

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Crush YOLO Pre-workout: Introducing the newest ass kicker in the entry-level pre-workout category. Crush Yolo® delivers clean and consistent energy, deep focus, and great pumps. Focusing on literally ‘cutting the crap’, Crush Yolo® doesn’t come with the highly anticipated mid-workout stomach ache, bathroom break, or infamous tingling sensation. Insane taste, great drinkability, light on the stomach, and an addition to your high energy workout controlled by you, not side effects.

Crush GO! BCAAs: Crush GO!® BCAA’s define what an amino product should be: simple. In a market of complex explosions and claims, our simple amino product sets a new flavor standard. We skip fake colors, stomach aches, chalky amino aftertaste, and fillers.

5G of high quality BCAA’s for recovery and hydration
1G of Vitamin-C for an immune system jumpstart
1G of Carnitine for fat loss, endurance, and energy

I use 1 scoop of preworkout 20 minutes before my workouts. I love the citrus sunrise flavor. I use 2-3 scoops per day of the BCAAs for recovery. The Citrus Sunrise tastes like a creamsicle with a bit of a twist – I love it! I’m also loving their fitness apparel for women (they sell for men too) because it’s high quality and so comfy. This crop top is the best color ever and such a great fit.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve purchased these supplements and what your thoughts are so far with them. I’ve been a content contributor and supporter of Crush Fit for years now and love the brand, community and people. If you are in need of a new workout program, a support group and just new fitness friends then go sign up today!

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