The best fitness smart watches available  

If you are a fitness enthusiast, or if you are simply looking for an overpriced pedometer, smart watches are the way to go when tracking your fitness activities and levels. But, which watches are the best ones? When the time comes to choose your new fitness tracker, these are a few of the top watches to consider.

Apple –
The price tag, and fact that you need an iPhone to track properly are the major drawbacks; apart from this, you won’t find any issues with it. It tracks steps, calories burned, distance, also has a cadence tracker for biking, you can use it for swimming, hiking, even lifting weights. Add in the sleek design, changing bands and faces, and the fact that it is a great watch, all make it a top contender for those who are ready to invest in a new fitness tracker.

Fitbit –
It is one of the best trackers for steps taken. SO if you are simply in need of a pedometer, go here. For more complex data, you will spend a little more on a higher end model. But it does track stats for calories, distance, you can track multiple exercises, and you can easily sync with your mobile phone (android as well as ios). If you want something a bit cheaper, which is reasonable and accurate, this is a good route to go.

Garmin –

Garmin also has several great watches, but they are pricier, making them out of reach for some customers. But, if you want accuracy, want to use it for swimming, running, biking, hiking, and multiple exercises, it is probably the most accurate. Further, the outdoor satellites are probably strongest, and can save your routes and trails traveled. There are loads of retailers which offer smart watches. Before committing to a smart watch you should always shop around to find the best price and the best watch for you. If you would like to know a few catalogs which offer fitness watches then click here

There are many smart watches for the fitness enthusiast in you, these are a few top brands to consider when purchasing one.

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