Recap of Our Vacation at the Atlantis in the Bahamas

For my husband’s birthday and our second wedding anniversary we decided to go on a vacation somewhere tropical. We like to travel and usually for birthdays and anniversaries we would rather spend money on an experience we can share together than physical gifts. We chose to go to the Bahamas and we stayed at the Atlantis. I wanted to share with you all our vacation recap, share some image, some tips and also a few places you should make sure to check out if you venture to Paradise Island, Bahamas.

We booked our trip through Expedia and we use them all the time for all of our travel and vacations.

When we went: Early June. Our trip was five days, four nights which was just the right amount of time at the Atlantis. It was even a trip we could have done in four days, three nights and not felt like we missed anything. I don’t think we would have needed any more days and likely would have been ready to go home after five days. Since you don’t really ever leave the resort property you can do a lot in a short amount of time.

Flight information: We flew on United which offers a direct flight to Nassau Bahamas. Our flight was under 3 and 1/2 hours and on our way to the Bahamas we made it in less than 3 hours. We upgraded our seats to more leg room and it was an enjoyable flight. Not many bumps at all and a very smooth ride. We left on a Saturday early morning and arrive at the hotel around 11 am. Check in wasn’t until I believe 3pm but we asked if we could pay a little more and get checked into an available room earlier and they accommodated our request with a room with two queen beds. We flew out on an early afternoon flight on Wednesday and were home to New Jersey by 6pm. The airport was easy to get into and out of with customs and I recommend getting to the airports 2 hours early to get checked in and get through the lines. Make sure you have your passport and that it has not expired because you will need a passport to go to the Bahamas.

Healthy Travel Tip: Make sure to pack some of your favorite healthy snacks. I always fall victim to buying things in the airport to snack on, or in the hotel, but if you pack ahead you won’t fail. I like to pack lots of nuts, protein bars and I also always bring my vitamins and C4 pre-workout for our workouts and an amino powder to sip on during training which was Optimum Nutrition Pineapple Amino Energy. I never leave home without my supplements and we packed our workout gear and worked out in the gym every afternoon.

Where we stayed: We decided to stay at the Atlantis and stayed in the Royal Towers. There are a few hotels on the property and the Royal Towers is the main hotel, the one you always see on the commercials. There is also another tower called The Cove which is in walking distance to the main hotel and that one is adults only. It is a bit pricier but if you want something without kids and a little quieter I would recommend staying at The Cove. It is the newer of all the hotels and has an adults only pool as well where they do a DJ and have cabanas and day beds, similar to what you mind find in Vegas. It was pretty quiet there when we went, likely due to the high season for families vacationing. I think if we were to ever go back we would opt to stay at The Cove since we are just a couple traveling and would prefer a bit more peace and quiet.

Our Room: The rooms in the Royal Towers are not that modern. They are a basic room with a mini bar/fridge, ample closet space and nice sized bathroom to get ready. We had an ocean view and you can choose to pay a bit more for the ocean view, or you can get a partial view or the harbor side view. Each room has sliding doors with a tiny balcony, but not large enough to sit on, just big enough to let in some fresh air and look out of. I was a bit surprised they would even have sliding doors with it being such a kid friendly resort. That just scared me a little bit to have kids have the ability to  slide open the doors in such a high floor hotel. Our beds were so comfortable and we enjoyed sleeping in late and taking daytime naps in them. It was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve had while on a vacation.

On the second day we were at the hotel our air conditioning unit broke down. We were noticing that the unit was making banging noises on the first day and night but didn’t think much about it, until the next day our room was hot and humid and the AC would not kick on. We called the reception desk and they had an engineer come up to take a look and sure enough the motor went. We had to pack up all of our things and be moved to another room two floors up. We were not thrilled about this and it was a bit of an inconvenience to do that two days into our trip. We wasted a few hours of our day with that fiasco.

Places we ate: For food we usually opted to do two meals a day. We would either skip breakfast, grab a coffee and then hang by the pool and get lunch and then dinner, or we would do breakfast, skip lunch and go out for dinner. It can get expensive really quick if you do three meals a day on the property. I can only imagine how much it costs to travel with a few kids.

We did breakfast two times; once we did the buffet at The Cove at a place called The Mosaic and one day we did the buffet in the Atlantis called Poseidon’s Table. The Cove had a more upscale breakfast with lots of fresh fruit, an omelet station and other healthy options. Poseidon’s Table was more of your regular buffet with lots of options and I am sure every kid would think it was Heaven. They had tons of cereal and pastries, Nutella pizza and other goodies. We of course found healthier options but it was a bit overwhelming in there with so much food!

For lunch we ate at the pool bar and got healthy options. One day I ordered a Caribbean Chop Chop salad which came with the local favorite jerk chicken and other fresh vegetables. The salad was really good and the tomatoes were amazing. Apparently tomatoes are a popular item in the Bahamas and very sweet. Another day I opted for a bun-less hamburger with cheese which is ketogenic friendly. My husband got the steamed salmon with vegetables each time and absolutely loved it!

We also indulged in some frozen cocktails (1 each) and I would get the frozen margarita and he would get a Miami Vice – both were delicious on a hot, humid day. It’s also so important to stay hydrated when it is so hot and humid out so we would drink fruit infused water and they also have a ton of local fruit juices they make from scratch which were tasty.

For dinner we tried a few places: NOBU inside the Atlantis (we ate there two times!), Olives which had some great fish options like halibut and grouper which were all local. These were both inside Atlantis so they were easy to get into and convenient to just get ready and go downstairs. The sushi was always so fresh and we would get the daily specialty roll which changed each day and was absolutely delicious. We also got lychee martinis which were to die for!

Then one night we went off the property to a romantic place called Dune by CHEF JEAN-GEORGES VONGERICHTEN which is located at the One n’ Only resort. We went there and absolutely loved the atmosphere. It was a bit pricier than our other dinners but it was well worth it. We got to watch the sun go down over the water, listen to a live saxophone player and eat a great meal by candlelight. We took a cab there and it was only about five minutes away and worth the trip to get off the property for the evening. We sat outside and the Bahamian breeze was surreal and it was a great treat!

Fitness Center: It’s almost important to find the gym on the first day and take a look at what equipment they have and set a schedule for our workouts. We would go everyday in the afternoon, after laying by the pool and before our daily nap. This gym had a ton of great machines and I was able to get in some good workouts. I did some legs, abs and cardio while on vacation. They offered free water, towels and a steam room. I even filmed a video of one of my workouts which is below if you care to watch.

The good thing is we both love to workout so me and John would go everyday and also take long walks around the property too. We would sometimes walk over 6 miles just due to how big the Atlantis resort is so you are walking everywhere. It was so humid so we would work up a sweat! The property is huge so keep in mind that you should wear and bring comfortable shoes.

The Weather: Unfortunately when we went to the Bahamas it was cloudy almost everyday. I was really disappointed since I thought for sure we would have great weather to lay out, get tan and soak up the sun. We had overcast everyday which is not usual but that was just our luck. There was a lot of great scenery and it was still around 90 each day, but I would have loved it to be sunnier during our stay.

Overall Thoughts: We really thought that the Atlantis was nice, and the food was great. We did however think that this was a bit more family focused and there were so many kids everywhere. They have tons of activities to do like water slides, a lazy river, swimming with dolphins, etc. I think it would not be somewhere we would go back however until we have kids. It is also quite expensive to go to the Atlantis and it is not an all inclusive. Our trip with flight and hotel was over $2,500 so for me I expected a bit more for adults to do for that price. The weather was also a bummer as well. Our room was nice, but it was not as nice as I expected it to be for the price we were paying and that is the average price. The flight was short and it was great to catch up on sleep, spend quality time together and get out of the country for a few days. amzn_assoc_placement = “adunit0”; amzn_assoc_enable_interest_ads = “true”; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = “jers0b-20”; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = “auto”; amzn_assoc_ad_type = “smart”; amzn_assoc_marketplace = “amazon”; amzn_assoc_region = “US”; amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {“type”:”search”,”value”:”fitness”}; amzn_assoc_default_category = “All”; amzn_assoc_linkid = “52f7984df3ef2902ee4ee91943702923”; amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = “3760911,13900861,1036592,3760901,3375251”;

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