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Hey ladies, as many of you know from my recent post I’ve been back on my vitamin and supplement regiment. I am back to the gym at least five times a week (and most weeks I am in there every single day because I am just loving working out now that I am in a good rhythm). I also am now adding more vitamins and supplements back into my diet, so this weekend I had to go in to visit my local supplement store to replenish some things I recently ran out of. I went to the nearest Vitamin Shoppe in Clifton, New Jersey and got two bags worth of healthy goodness! They are currently having a buy one get one 50% off sale on all their private brand product so I had to stop by and get a few things and wanted to share.

Here is what I picked up on my recent visit:

  1. Quest Nutrition Protein Bars – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor
  2. Muscle Milk Light Chocolate on-the-go Protein Shake
  3. Vitamin Shoppe Brand Chewable Probiotic
  4. Vitamin Shoppe Brand Ultimate 10 Probiotic
  5. Spectrum Ground Flax Seed Berries
  6. Aura Cacia Castor Oil Liquid
  7. Vitamin Shoppe Brand Green Tea Extract 
  8. Vitamin Shoppe Brand Melatonin 5mg Gummies

Some of these products I have bought over and over again so I can assure you that I love them. I will share with you why I purchased these items and how I use them in my daily routine.

Probiotics: for years I have been taking probiotics and I can’t stress enough how important it is to have one as part of your daily routine. It helps with your overall digestion but probiotics are good bacteria that is needed to keep your entire body functioning properly. I like both the chewable version and the pill form. I like the taste of the chewable and take 2 per day. When I run out of those I take 1 pill a day.

Protein Bars & On the Go Drinks: When my day is very busy at work, or I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off doing errands on the weekend I like to have a protein bar with me to hold me over until a meal. I don’t think protein bars should replace your main meals, but sometimes you need a 200 calorie pick me up to just give you some nourishment. I’d rather eat a protein bar than grab a bag of chips at the gas station. Right now I love the Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough because it is high in protein, high in fiber and the big chunks of chocolate satisfy my sweet tooth craving. If I also want something at night before bed to keep me full while I sleep I sometimes have one. I also grabbed a protein shake out of the cooler since I was so thirsty and hungry. I don’t usually go for the on the go, RTD’s as they call them (ready to drink) but I did like the taste of this Muscle Milk Light chocolate shake. I bought a four pack to take to work and have over ice, again, if I am in back to back meetings and have no time for a sit down meal/lunch. This one has 28 grams of protein and only 150 calories.

Castor Oil: I have been using castor oil on and off for awhile, but haven’t been too consistent with it. Castor Oil is a great, natural ingredient you can apply to your eyebrows and eye lashes at night time to help strengthen and grow them. If your eye lashes are sparse or you’ve over plucked your eye brows you should try using castor oil each evening. After having done eyelash extensions my eye lashes are much less full and I’ve been trying to grow them back in.

Hydraplenish with MSM: Hyaluronic Acid is an amazing supplement to take. It helps to add moisturize to your joints, skin, hair and nails. I love this product and take 1 pill a day and have for years. It helps me to stay lubricated in my knees and also keeps my skin feeling supple, especially in the dry, winter months. After having taken Accutane in my 20’s this product was the only thing that kept my skin from drying out completely.

Ground Flax Seed: The Spectrum Mixed Berry ground flax seed is delicious! I love to add it on top of greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Flax seed is a healthy fat and also rich in antioxidants. It is a crunchy topping on my nightly cottage cheese bowl. Adding in healthy fats is great for your overall diet and I love the tiny bits of berries in this.

I got a great deal since many of the items I picked up were on sale. I also do a lot of my shopping on Amazon too for some of these items when I need to reorder quickly. Have you tried any of these before? I will do another update in the event that I add anything else to my routine, but for now this will hold me over for a bit. I do however, buy a box of protein bars about every two weeks so those I will order on Amazon much more often.


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