Feeling Run Down? Try These Healthy Changes To Get Back On Track

Sometimes life can feel like it’s getting a bit too much. Either we’re constantly tired, or we just don’t have the motivation to get up and do things anymore. Snoozing on the sofa in front of Netflix is not the way to get out of this funk, as tempting as it might be. It’s far better for us to get up, put on our yoga pants and a fluffy sweater, and start to make ourselves feel better. If you’re feeling a bit run down, tired, or just a bit low, keep on reading for my top tips for making yourself feel better.

Sleep the night away

When we’re feeling a bit low, our sleep seems to take a hit, which in turn drags our mood down even further. Breaking this vicious cycle is a crucial part of making ourselves feel better. A good bedtime routine has to be a priority. Avoid exercising or eating in the last few hours before bed, as this can make us super alert, and makes it tricky to wind down. Electronic devices have no place in the bedroom as they keep us alert too. Make your bedroom a safe haven, dark, and free from distractions, and see how your quality of sleep improves.

Spend more time with friends

We all need a good laugh and a joke from time to time, and studies even show that socializing is a great mood lifter and pain relief – perfect when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Even if you don’t feel like seeing friends, it’s important to avoid worsening the sense of isolation that can come with feeling run down. Hang out with people you feel comfortable with, that make you laugh, and in places and situations that don’t put you on edge – you’re meant to be relaxing, not stressing yourself out.

Get a medical test

Sometimes feeling down isn’t just the result of poor lifestyle choices, but the implication of a medical problem. Low blood sugar, anemia, and even food intolerances can all make us feel run down and lethargic. So if you think your lifestyle is a-ok, but you’re still not feeling great, it could be worth booking an appointment with your doctor. Most of these issues are fixed with simple lifestyle changes, like going lactose free, increasing the iron in your diet,  or taking medication short term.

Drink all the water

It might sound silly, but if we’re not getting all the water we need, we can end up in a real funk. Water keeps everything flowing, keeps our organs working smoothly, and our brain functioning in tip top condition. If this starts to slip then we become lethargic, start putting on weight, and a vicious cycle ensues. Try to drink plenty of water, as well as fruit tea, juice, and anything else liquid to lift your spirits and make sure everything’s working properly.
It can feel like it’s almost impossible to motivate ourselves when we’re feeling run down, but just remember, the first step is always the hardest. Get over that hump, and it’s all free-wheeling from there.

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