Don’t Forget These Last Minute Things Before Your Wedding

So girls, your wedding is coming up very soon, and you are not too sure if there are things you have missed, people you’ve forgotten to invite or maybe you still have some errands that you need to cross off your list.

Here is a checklist for the most common, and the least common essentials.

Easels For Signs

Easels come in handy for all sorts of signs such as welcome signs, seating charts, or menus. You can always use easels at your wedding reception. You can find these anywhere online.


A lot of wedding venues do not allow guests to throw rice or confetti in the air after the ceremony because it’s just too damn messy.  A great alternative is bubbles, not only are mess-free, they float around peacefully, and when the light hits them, it creates a wonderful round rainbow.

Wedding Planner

If you have just got too much on your plate, to do by yourself – don’t stress. Planning a wedding all by yourself if very difficult and can cause a panic and anxiety, and no one should feel like that leading up to your wedding. So why not treat yourself to a wedding planner?

Cake Topper

Some couples choose to just have matching florals on their wedding cake from their bouquets. Others choose fun and personal wedding cake toppers like a self-portrait.

Flower Girl Basket

Another item that can be easily overlooked is the flower girl’s basket. (If you have any flower girls.) You can buy these or make them yourself.

Loose Silk Rose Petals

One you have the flower girl’s basket, don’t forget to fill it up with loose silk rose petals.  They are a great alternative to real rose petals.

Disposable Cameras

As the bride and groom, you won’t be able to be everywhere at once to celebrate with all your guests. So put disposable cameras on each reception table so that guests can capture moments throughout the night. Relive all the fun and crazy moments from your wedding reception for years to come.

Table Numbers And Place Cards

Along with a seating chart, table numbers are needed so that your guests can find their corresponding table. The designs and ideas are endless when it comes to table numbers. Sometimes certain guests need special seating arrangements. A strategically placed name card that assigns an exact spot at a table is a good idea.

Guest Book

Guestbooks can be fun!  Get creative with them and let your imagination run wild. There are all sorts of unique guestbooks to choose from.

Tea Lights

Tea lights and candles are beautiful and come in handy for most occasions.  Be sure your wedding venue allows live flame, and if they don’t, choose battery operated tea lights.

Gifts For Bridal Party

A fun ‘well known’ photo, features the bride and her bridesmaids each wearing matching robes while they get ready. These go down great, but there are lots of different gifts you can buy for your ladies.

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