Small Changes You Should Make To Your Workout


A lot of us have a dream body in mind. But we find it hard to reach that goal, even when we are exercising at least three times a week. However, it’s often our workout routine that needs tweaking for us to reach our goal. Therefore, here are some small changes you should make to your workout to make a big difference to your body.

Have a longer warm up and cool down

You will be surprised how important a warm up and cool down is to your workout. But a lot of people don’t bother spending time doing either of these things. For one thing, a warm up gets your heart racing and increases the blood flow to your muscles. Therefore, your exercises are more likely to be impactful. Not only this, but it can reduce your risk of injury. As for cooling down, it can reduce your blood pressure and stop you facing an injury. Therefore, you will be ready to workout the next day to ensure you reach your goal. So make sure you give yourself enough time to have an adequate warm up and cool down.

Mix up your exercises

When we find a routine we like, we tend to stick to this. But after a while doing the same routine, it won’t be effective for your body anymore. After all, it becomes less challenging to your body, so it won’t be as effective. Therefore, try and mix it up to ensure you make a big difference to your body. You can find different workouts online which will still target that excess weight. In fact, you can hunt down fitness articles which will help you to get in shape. And even if you are using different equipment, setting it at a different speed or level could make a huge difference to your workout. Or you might even want to try an entirely different workout machine to contribute to making your workout more effective.

Do strength as well as cardio

So many people focus on cardio when they are working out. After all, it is an excellent way to build up your heart rate and shift some calories. But to make your routine more efficient, you should try to include some strength workouts. You will be surprised how great these are for getting rid of excess fat, as well as toning muscles. Therefore, tweak your routine to add some strength to notice a difference in your body! And don’t worry, you don’t have to start with massive weights. There are plenty of smaller sizes which are perfect for beginners!

Focus on key areas of your body

So many people go wrong by not focusing on the key areas of their body. But to notice a big difference to your body, you need to work on the specific areas that you dislike. For example, if it’s your legs you want to tone, concentrate on leg exercises which will work that area. And if it’s your tummy you want to tone, you should be doing more crunches and squats. Working on specific areas which make a big difference to those parts of the body!

And remember that adding some resistance is an excellent way to make exercise more impactful. After all, it makes the exercise a lot more challenging for your body.

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