5 Personalized Presents They’ve Never Seen Before

There’s something about a personalized gift that just goes above and beyond, don’t you agree? From baby gifts to adult presents, personalization really goes to show the gift recipient that you thought of that person, and actually spent some time in getting his or her gift. In this day and age when many people do entire holidays on Amazon.com, it’s a special thing. Want to go above and beyond in a unique way? Read on for five personalized presents they’ve never seen before.


  1. Charm Her With Charms


A charm bracelet, or any kind of charm jewelry for that matter, isn’t a new concept by any means, but there are so many companies coming up with amazingly unique versions of these bracelets, necklaces, and more. There’s something sentimental about these gifts, that’s for sure. And one of the best things about these is that you can add to them each year, making it a sort of tradition. And if you’ve added so many that the bracelet is becoming too full, go for a personalized ring. Most women love jewelry, and personalizing these gorgeous gems just make it that much more special.


  1. Personalized Baby Gifts are the Bomb


Parents spend so much time trying to think of just the right name for their baby, so it makes all the sense in the world that they’ll squeal with delight when they see their wee one’s name “up in lights” (so to speak). A personalized baby book is such a cute way to do this and, as your child gets older and learns his or her name, this will undoubtedly become the favorite book in the house. It’s hard to go wrong with books in general, as they’re both whimsical and educational, so it’s a win/win. And you can write a sweet note in the cover so that this baby will always know where this special book came from.


If you’ve ever gotten a personalized baby CD, you know that this makes kids giggle with amazement. And, really, is there anything better than a baby’s giggle? Kids will ask to listen over and over again, as these CDs cleverly work your baby’s name into each and every song. Say it with us: “Awww!”


Personalized lovies are another fab idea because, as every parent knows, you can never have enough of these. Lovies are typically tiny, super soft blankets that have some sort of stuffed animal head on them, and babies often get very attached very quickly. Putting the baby’s name on it just puts it that much closer to your heart. Another variation on this is the fuzzy wuzzy animal blankets that can get personalized as well. You’ll have photo upon photo of your kid wearing these after bath time!


  1. Say It With Booze


Etching Expressions has everything you need when it comes to personalized booze, and it’s a great way to commemorate any special occasion you have on your calendar. From personalized wine bottles and mini champagne bottles to personalized beer growlers and even olive oil, they have everything under the sun. With cute designs that can be added in addition to your personal message, these creations are perfect for engagements, weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Your gift recipient can crack the bottle upon receipt or keep it for a special time down the line. Either way, this isn’t a present anyone will soon forget.


  1. Personalized Ornaments


Ornaments are such cool things, as, by nature, we seem to add to our collections each year. Whether you’re the type to splurge the day after Christmas, you buy new ones when you go on trips, you get some painted to reflect your whole family, or you’re a huge fan of the ones your kids make, these will make you smile every time you dress your tree during the holidays.


  1. Personalized Cutting Boards


Does your gift recipient get great joy from finding the perfect recipe? Does he or she live for the spotlight when slicing and dicing for a big crowd? Try one of these personalized cutting boards from Uncommon Goods and watch this person smile from ear to ear when she opens it, and every time she cooks after that.


Choose from one of these five personalized gifts, and take your gift from ordinary to extraordinary.

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