5 Fall Date Ideas You and Your Sweetheart Should Try



There’s something very romantic about autumn. The changing leaves, that refreshing crispness in the air, and the cinnamon smell that seems to permeate every shop lend themselves to love, don’t you agree? It’s a great time to get outdoors and take advantage of the (typically) gorgeous weather, especially if you live in a city that will soon be oh-so-chilly. If you’ve been thinking about upping your date nights with your significant other this season, we can help. Read on for five fall date ideas you and your sweetheart should try.

1. Picnic and Foliage Are a Match Made in Autumn Heaven

You might be able to see the gorgeous fall hues of the leaves right out your window but, if not, it’s time for a drive. Pack up a romantic lunch with a bottle of your favorite wine, a charcuterie plate, and some chocolate covered strawberries. Don’t forget your blanket! If you’re more into health and fitness, you could forego the wine and cheese and opt for a hike instead. You know what they say—the couple that sweats together, stays together. New to hiking? Try this site to find the top rated trails near you.

2. Hunker Down for Halloween

Well, you don’t have to hunker down, but that can be fun. You could stock up on candy for the trick-or-treaters and have a Netflix and Chill evening (rent a scary movie for added fun). Is there anything better than opening the door to a porch filled with wee witches and warlocks?

If you’re thinking of heading out this Halloween or have a party at some point this season, you’ve got to work on your costume. Don’t phone it in, as the costumes are half the fun. Tipsy Elves has great Halloween costumes, and they’re especially perfect for outdoor parties, as they are warm and cozy. Looking to do the couple thing? Good Housekeeping has come up with some good ones that are definitely on point for this year. From the Brexit couple and Ash Ketchum and Pikachu (Pokémon) to Sven and Olaf and The Walking Dead extras, these are fun and (for the most part) easy.

Another fun outing would be heading to a local Haunted House. Nearly every city has some great ones, and you’re never too old for a night of screams and the resulting close contact.

3. Go Wine Tasting

Fall is such a gorgeous time for wine tasting so, if you’ve got access to doing this near you, we highly recommend it. This is often the time that many vineyards have harvest festivals, which only adds to the wide variety of activities offered. Don’t have a vineyard nearby? Consider a splurge trip across the country to Napa, Sonoma,

Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, or the Pacific Northwest—all of which have exquisite opportunities for wine tasting.

The day usually entails a tasting of about six to eight wines, but the vineyards are so gorgeous, you’ll want to stick around for either a guided tour or a self-guided stroll of the grounds. Talk about romance! If it’s not in the budget this year, look into wine tasting dinners at restaurants near you. They often offer wine paired perfectly with fantastic fare, so you’ll get the experience without the price of the airfare.

4. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Seeing the fall foliage from the car is stunning, but seeing it from an aerial view is, well, out of this world. Look into romantic tours near you, as many of them offer champagne pairings (and many are offered as deals on LivingSocial). You can also try and find out if there are any hot air balloon festivals near you. Either way, it’s hard to beat the intimacy of this breathtaking experience. If you’ve got an—ahem—important question you’d like to “pop,” this might be the time to do it.

5. Make a Romantic Dinner at Home

With the subtle chill that’s hit the air, fall can be a perfect time to start experimenting in the kitchen. Whether one of you is the eternal sous-chef or you alternate, spending time in the kitchen together can be surprisingly romantic. If you’re watching your waistlines, you can stick to healthy recipes. Or if you prefer to have the night off, consider hiring a personal chef to cook you dinner at home.

Has your well of romantic date ideas run dry? Follow these tips for fall date ideas for you and your sweetheart and sparks will surely fly.

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