Going Off Birth Control Update – Side Effects and Experience

It’s been quite a while since I did an updated video talking about going off of hormonal birth control and what it has been like over the last few months. I had posted a few months back about wanting to go off of the pill to see how I would react. Having been on BC for over 15 years combined since my 20’s I really wanted to come off and let my body “take a break” from these prescriptions. Without any major side effects I was off for about 3 months, but this video shares with you what it was like and why I decided to go back on the pill even though coming off was not as scary as I thought. If you ladies have any questions feel free to comment them and I’ll reply as best as I can.


My side effects the first week or two were mild but noticeable; small headaches, water retention, some irritability and fatigue. Most notable was the fatigue because I noticed it a lot during my workouts. After about 2-3 weeks off of the birth control everything seemed to go back to normal and I felt fine. My skin did not break out being off of the pills and I didn’t have any major cramps or discomfort after the first month was over. I would say coming off was not as scary as I thought but I do recommend giving it at least 2 full months off of the pills to see how your body is feeling. It takes a few days for the hormones to be completely out of your body but I’d say at least a full month and a returned period to really gauge how you will be off of birth control.

Product Recommendations:

To battle water retention and bloating I took a water pill a few times a week to help with any excess water weight.

I made sure to drink a ton of water so I was never with out a 20 ounce shaker bottle.

For me to keep my skin clear I used aloe vera witch hazel, Burt’s Bees peach & willowbark scrub and if I got a break out some tea tree oil mixed with argan oil.


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