Labor Day Weekend – Viva Las Vegas and Wedding Season


Labor Day Weekend this year was spent doing two amazing things; 1) celebrating one of my best friends wedding in New Jersey and 2) jetting off to Las Vegas with my husband for a 4 day getaway in one of our favorite cities. Since Monday is a day off anyway with most businesses and companies closed, we took advantage of the long weekend and went to Sin City. My friend’s wedding was such a blast! She lucked out with amazing weather amid the threat of a possible hurricane coming up our way from Florida. I did my hair and makeup myself and due to the humidity my hair went up in a side chignon and some curly bang pieces to soften it a bit; thankfully it stayed put all night.


We danced the night away, had fun in the photo booth, drank and ate to our heart’s content. The next morning we were packed and ready to head to the airport – but I was surely exhausted! Thank God for coffee and a long flight to sleep and read a good book. Right now I am reading “You Before Me” which is amazing and I also finished “The Girl on the Train”. Both I highly recommend and they are both movies, which I refuse to see until I’ve read the books. I have always been a book worm when traveling and it helped the hours on the plane go by really quickly. I also like to bring a book by the pool so I can catch up on the reading while getting a tan. We got to spend some time with my friends in Vegas who live there and we spend the day enjoying a pool party at Mandalay Bay pool and then some all you can eat sushi spot that only locals really know about. We took advantage of that and ate lots and lots of sushi.


We stayed at the MGM Grand in Vegas and I have stayed there a handful of times and never had any issues. I love that it is located in the middle of the strip, near everything and their pools are really big and lots of good restaurants too so you never have to leave if you don’t want to. We spent our first night in the sports bar watching college football andsadly our team, Notre Dame, lost. We were tired though since the east coast is 3 hours ahead so by 9:30pm local time we were ready to go to sleep (lame I know!) We had a long day ahead and we had bought tickets to see the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque de Soleil show which was amazing! If you love MJ then this show is for you; I couldn’t stop singing and dancing in my chair and there were moments it was sad that he is already passed on.


This outfit was one of my favorites – a white cape jacket from Forever 21 and a long midi dress from ASOS. The hotels are always chilly so having a light coat like this one was perfect! A lot of my dresses come from ASOS because they have great quality and their sizing works well for me. Most of my dresses from there are size 4, though depending on the fit sometimes size 2. The only downside to dressing in Vegas is you need to make sure you wear comfy heels. I made sure to only pack shoes I have broken in because you walk a lot in Vegas. Even your hotel room to the cab line can be over a mile walk so be smart and pack comfy shoes!

It was very hot out by the pool but the good thing about Vegas is it is a dry heat, so while you do sweat it is not hot or humid like NJ. I wore my hair in a ponytail and drank water by the pool to stay cool and hydrated. I would dip in the pool every few minutes to stay cool but its so important to keep drinking water in the Vegas heat or you will pass out (it’s happened to me before, on my very first trip to Las Vegas and I learned my lesson). Overall it was a great LDW getaway paired with an amazing event at home for my friends. I hope you all had a great end to your summer and now it’s time to get ready for the fall!


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