Video – Leg Day Super Set Workout Circuit Routine for Women

Hey ladies, it’s been a bit since I posted a workout video so I made sure to capture for you some of my favorite leg day exercises from my last gym visit. I’ve been traveling a lot more lately so my workout routine and regiment has been all out of whack, but I am focusing now on getting in my 4-5 days of lifting and some cardio as well. I’ve been feeling a little “fluffy” lately – maybe it’s retaining water, eating a bit more relaxed than usual but either way I wasn’t feeling my best at all! Working out and adding in more water and cardio surely helps, but I have to just get back on the wagon and be a bit more disciplined. I don’t mind the gains though I have to admit, especially in my lower body but I want to make sure I stay lean and maintain muscle without gaining body fat. It is a constant struggle isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this workout and I have more to come

Today’s pre-workout: C4 Ripped

Today’s post workout: BodyTech Critical Aminos


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