Video – Cardio Day Workout Circuit

Hey workout friends, hope you’re having an awesome week. I just realized that this video I made leading up to my vacation in Miami Beach never got posted here on my blog. I guess I had sun, sand and beach time on my mind and completely forgot to share this here so hope you enjoy this quick clip. Leading up to any vacation I try to always lean out a bit so I either turn my lifting days into higher rep, lower weight strength training for more of a cardio benefit (keeping my heart rate up and little to no rest between sets) or I just add in a cardio session every time I go to the gym. I love doing 5k runs or a 40 minute session on the stairmaster. Well I don’t LOVE doing those things but I know I have to in order to drop some water weight and cut up to feel good in a bikini. We had an amazing time in South Beach and it’s still one of our favorite places to visit! I hope you enjoy this video…

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