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Howdy to all my fit female friends online! Today was leg day, and as always I tried to capture my workout to give you some inspiration and new ideas to do on your lower body day. I love training lower body and happy with my progress so far, though as always we wish we could see gains a lot faster. It’s been a ton of work to get even the small amount of gains I have but that won’t stop me! I went from having a pretty small/flat booty a few years ago to at least a bit more shape and lift – I’ll take it. It’s all about constant training, adding more weight and really using the mind/muscle connection when working out. I hope you enjoy this video and let me know what some of YOUR favorite leg day exercises are 🙂

I love doing these with a 25 lb plate and really squeeze at the top, you will feel those glutes get nice and tight!

These hip thrusters are a killer and are awesome for that hamstring and glute tie in and lifting that rear! I suggest using a pad or a sweatshirt to place on between you and the bar because the weight can hurt a bit on your bones.

The smith machine is great in my gym to do some dead lifting. I don’t have access to an olympic bar to do these so the smith machine will just have to do.

Doing narrow stance squats for me is a great variation to my squat routine. I do these with no weight or minimal weight and focus on driving up through those heels.

Lunges are so great and I do a combination of reverse lunges with a 25lb plate and then alternating reverse to the side as well to target different parts of the glutes.

The goblet squat is one of my favorite and I do these with a heavy kettle bell. I also love doing some stiff leg dead lifts with the 25 lb plate as well

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