Beauty Prep 101 For Brides To Be

It’s coming up to the big day. Everything is set for the most cherished moment of your life so far. Just one thing – are you camera ready? To ensure you look and feel your best, you might want to make use of these handy tips and tricks!


Be A Glowing Bride

First and foremost, the fundamental thing a bride needs for a stunning, polished look is a rosy and dewy complexion. For crystal clear skin, H2O is your best friend. Make sure to drink plenty of water on the weeks leading up to your big day. Why not spoil yourself in a relaxing spa session, and get a full facial massage. For acne prone brides-to-be, worry not – a beautician will be able to remove all your dead skin cells and blackheads to bring back that outer glow.


Accentuate Those Eyes

Stress and lack of sleep from organizing the big day can really bring out those dark circles and puffy eyes. One way to keep them in check is to try a cool compress to reduce puffiness. An eye mask full of natural ingredients such as cucumber and almond oil should also work wonders. Switch to a gentler, water based eye makeup remover, to avoid redness.


Get Kissable Lips

When it comes to that special kiss between a new husband and wife, you want to ensure your lips are soft and hydrated. Using a moisturising lip balm, or a vitamin E stick every day will help keep them feeling smooth and silky. Exfoliating sugar scrubs are great for removing dry, dead skin. You can also use your regular old toothbrush by adding some warm water and exfoliating in a circular motion.


Brighten That Smile

If you’re worried about your pearly whites not being in tip top condition, there are many solutions for brightening that smile. Teeth whitening strips are one option. Rubbing the inside of a banana skin on your teeth every day can definitely help bring out a natural whiteness.

smNourish Your Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory, and when it’s dull and lifeless, it makes your overall appearance suffer too. To ensure luscious locks on your wedding day, it starts with eating right. Foods rich in vitamin B such as fish, poultry and eggs are ideal. Remember to keep your hair conditioned with a deep moisturizing conditioner. Or try a home-made hair mask, to prevent any irritating split ends. It’s not just about your preparation on your one big day. These things take months so be sure to check out Wedding Intro for more useful tips!


Get That Fitness Glow

Exercising may be the last thing you want to do, when you’re busy organizing your big day. But if you really want to wow them and make an impressive entrance, then just half an hour each day can really help give an all round energy boost. It can also tighten the skin by improving your blood flow.


If there’s one thing to remember above all though, it’s simply to let your natural self shine through. So smile and be confident and let your inner glow radiate from the outside.

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