Keep the Fat Off: 10 Tips That Really Work 

Do you have excess fat that you just can’t seem to shift? Maybe you get rid of it but then it all comes piling back on again. You’re not alone! Many people struggle, and it’s mainly down to not knowing the tips that really work. If you starve yourself or exercise too much, you’ll likely end up bingeing and exhausting yourself, leading to even more fat gain than before. These tips are some of the most effective you’ll ever find:

1. Drink 3 litres of Water Each Day

Get into the habit of drinking 3 litres of water throughout the day. You might need to go to the toilet a lot at first, but that’ll settle down. Water helps fat burning by flushing the body of toxins. We are mostly made of water, so staying hydrated is a must!

2. Start Tracking Your Macros

This might sound complicated, but macro tracking is actually pretty easy. It’s especially easy when you download an app like MyFitnessPal where you can simply scan the things you’re eating. Use an online calculator to work out your macros, which is your protein, fat, and carbs. Then put in everything you’re eating, making sure to get the weights right so you’re not eating more or less than you think. It’ll take some practice, but this approach always works and it’s flexible!

3. Don’t Be Scared of Fats!

Some people think that fats make you fat, but they don’t. An excess of calories makes you fat! You shouldn’t be scared of fats – the good fats anyway! Eat fats found in eggs, avocados, nuts, etc.

4. Start Taking Your Measurements

Instead of relying on scales, you must measure yourself to see whether you’re getting those inches off. You might not weigh any less, but inches may be falling off you without you knowing it. The body is a funny thing! Scales are inaccurate, so don’t focus on them.

5. Incorporate Both HIIT and LISS Training

HIIT training is where you do a number of intense intervals, working as hard as you can. This helps to blast the fat! You should do up to 3 of these a week, but make sure you get a few sessions of steady state in there too. This will help you to recover faster, and you’ll burn fat by keeping your heart in the fat burning zone.

6. Focus On Resistance Training Too

Focusing on resistance training will help you to build strength and muscle tone, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. Your body will be burning calories at a much faster rate! You’ll notice your body getting tighter and leaner too.

7. Have a Weekly Cheat Meal

Have a weekly cheat meal, providing you’ve stuck to your macros. This can help to give your body an extra push to keep the metabolism firing up. It’s a bit of a 3 steps forward 1 step back approach, but it works!

8. Make Sure You Have Rest Days

Rest days are part of the program too, so make sure you take at least one a week to recover. On these days you could even use something like these skinny wraps to speed things up.

9. Define Your Goals Clearly

Clearly define your goals. Do you have lots of fat to lose, or do you want to start working on muscle tone? One will require more resistance training and more calories, while the other will require more intense training and lower calories. You can’t really do both at the same time!

10. Make it a Lifestyle

Make sure you’re in this for the long haul. Create healthy habits and you’ll change your body for the better!

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  1. Thank you Adrienne. You are a great inspiration to me. I don’t understand the macro calculating and all, but am really working on daily exercise, water, eating healthy and reducing portions. I am feeling stronger every day, more energetic. The exercise puts me in a happy frame of mind. Every 5-7 days I am increasing my treadmil routine, increasing weights or reps. Your instructions and video are really helpimg me. Thank you kindly!

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