Video – Total Body Circuit Workout To Burn Calories and Build Muscle

Looking for a total body circuit workout to do to help burn calories/fat and build lean muscle?

Try this one out today to help power your fitness goals

Do this routine for 3 total rounds with no rest in between each exercise you see in the video and 3-4 minutes rest in between rounds. This will get you sweating and burning and really feeling the benefits! I love to do circuit training because it’s like one big obstacle course that I have to get through, exercise by exercise, and it pushes me to my limit. I love a challenge so this is a great way to keep my workouts fun and always something different. Lately I have been avoiding using a strict “every time I do legs I do this routine”, I just go in knowing I want to do 6-10 exercises and focus on whatever it is that I want to train that day.


For my workout I power it with:

Pre-Workout Cellucor C4 Ripped (1 scoop)

Intra/Post Workout Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy (1-2 scoops)

Throughout the day I sip on Pineapple flavored Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy (2-3 total for the day)

At night I use 1 scoop of Blue Razz Cellucor Alpha Aminos (1 scoop)

It’s important to have a BCAA/Amino Acid drink as part of your daily routine, especially on the days that you workout, to help your body to repair and recovery. I like to use flavors that I will enjoy sipping throughout the day like pineapple, green apple or fruit punch. I avoid any mixes that are too sugary tasting. I prefer that my post workout drinks taste a bit watered down and not so strong. You can drink this throughout the day time, it does not have to be just right after your workout. I keep a bottle of Green Apple & Pineapple Amino Energy at my desk at work and the Cellucor Alpha Aminos at home.


For my post workout protein shake I use 1 scoop of Vega Sport Performance Protein or NutriWhey Belgian Chocolate, 1 tbsp of D’s Naturals Almond Fluffbutter, a handful of berries all mixed in my NutriBullet.

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