Video – Workout and Exercises on a Smith Machine

The smith machine is usually a staple piece of equipment in all gyms.  For a variety of reasons I do not use it for squats and many people across the web will agree that if you have access to a squat rack with an Olympic bar that it’s always better to use that on leg day. I sometimes have a weak lower back, especially when lifting heavier weight. I like to do my front and back squats in a free standing squat rack because you work your entire body, including your core/abs to stabilize and keep your balance. On a smith machine you can easily use improper form and hurt your back.

Even though I don’t particularly like the smith machine I have found a variety of uses for it that don’t include a squat. This post and video will show you some new exercises you can do if you have access to this machine at your gym. I especially love using this for kneeling squats which I have recently fallen in love with.

To warm up and cool down on this day I did high incline walking on a treadmill. I do an incline between 10 and 25 with a speed between 2.8-3.5. This will target the glutes and make you sweat without needing to run.


The video below will walk you through exercises I did in the gym today. I really love the kneeling squat to target the glutes and take off some of the stress from my lower back. I have also noticed my quads grow a lot faster than my glutes so I wanted to really find ways to target the butt without growing my quads too quickly. I always like to work up my weight so I add some more plates as I go and I recommend using a padded workout mat for your back and knees for this routine.


As for the items you see me wearing in this photo I love to color coordinate and also am a huge fan of wearing clothes that feel good and are breathable. I hate wearing clothes that are too tight and make me feel too constricted – these tights I found at TJ Maxx and the tank top was also from there. I power my music during my workouts with Beats by Dre Solo headphones and my sneakers are purple Nike Lunarglides. After my workout I drink Cellucor Alpha Aminos to help with repair and recovery. My nail polish if you’re interested is Essie Bahama Mama.

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