Video – New Circuit Training Workout HIIT Round 7

Hi guys, we’re back for another circuit training routine for total body fitness and calorie burn! This week we will do this for 4 total rounds, with 2-3 rest in between. Circuit workouts are a great way to break up your days at the gym doing machines and also are easy enough to do in comfort of your own home too. For this routine you will need about 25 minutes to complete and the following pieces of equipment:

10 pound dumb bells (2) // 10 pound weighted medicine ball // workout mat // small kettle bells (2) // 25 or 35 pound kettle bell


First warm up on eliptical or any machine of choice for 5 minutes. If you are doing this at home do some jumping jacks for about 3 minutes to warm the body. It is important to do this and any workout once warmed up sufficiently to avoid injury. Never start working out “cold”, always spend at least five minutes to get your blood pumping and flowing.


Do all exercises for 10 reps ( when it comes to alternating arm/leg exercises do a total of 20 so that each side gets 10)….

Kettle bell should raises/swings
Goblet/plie’ squat with kettle bell into an upright row
Bicep curl/hammer curl with dumb bells
Weighted medicine ball slams
Push Ups (on knees or regular)
Knees to chest ab crunches
Basic ab crunch
Reverse Lunges  


I also shared that I am loving the new fitness gear from Forever21 and found so many great pieces when I went after Christmas. These muscle tanks are so breathable and were only $9.90 and the tights fit so well and are only $19.90! I also love all fitness gear with cool sayings on them. I wore one of the tank tops and the leggings during this workout and was really happy with both pieces.

I also am wearing my favorite zip up which is the Nike Pro Half Zip, I have these in multiple colors. I love working out with hats so I have a few of the Nike women’s hats in a few basic colors and my sneakers are Lunarglide Nikes.

Push-ups are one of the most basic exercises, and many people avoid them because they are challenging. Doing a regular push-up is not an easy thing to do, and like a pull up, it takes time to work your way up in reps. I challenge you to do a few each day until you can work yourself up to 10. If you have to start doing them on your knees first that is okay!

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  1. Hi! Are you doing the circuit training along with your lifting? (same day) thanks! I love your videos, so helpful!

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