Post workout Vega Plant Protein Chocolate and Strawberry Shake

Adding a protein shake to your diet is a great idea, especially if you are looking to recover after your workouts, or if you want to use a shake to replace a meal. When you are busy and on the go a protein shake can be a great option since you can get a high protein meal down quickly. If you add some fruit you also will be getting some fiber as well to help you feel fuller, longer.


I have tried so many protein powders in my day and one of the first brands I used was Vega One Protein. They are a plant-based protein powder, non-dairy and vegetarian/vegan friendly. If you have some stomach issues with protein powder you may want to give this brand a try, or a plant-based protein you like.

I like to make a protein shake to have mid-morning every single day. It is so important to find a protein flavor/combination you love and look forward to drinking otherwise it will not be appealing to you to have every day. Right now I am hooked on this current combination you see above.


1 full scoop of Vega Sports Performance Chocolate Protein Powder

3-4 Cascadian Farm Organic Frozen Strawberries

1/3 cup of Organic Skim Milk

Fill to the line with spring water and ice in my Nutribullet

1 tbsp or 1/2 half single serve packet of D’s Naturals Vanilla Maple Fluffbutter


I still believe everyone who wants to drink protein shakes should invest in a Nutribullet, it just makes life so easy. I use mine daily and take my shake with me on the go to work or to go run errands. This shake is so tasty and has high protein, good fats and fiber. If you do one full scoop of this protein it is 30 grams of protein.


I personally like chocolate flavored protein best, to me it is sweeter and you can add peanut butter and fruit to it to make it taste very good. Vanilla for me just doesn’t do it, but if you like fruit smoothies than vanilla does mix well with mostly all fruits. I also suggest getting frozen organic fruit since it will make your shake thicker and stay cold longer.


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