Build Amazing Shoulder & Arms – Strength Workout Routine for Women

How to build muscle to create sexy, sculpted arms and shoulders

It’s now my third week into my new lifting and strength training routine. I life weights five times a week, do cardio 2 times a week and have one complete rest day on Sundays. My cardio consists of plyometric work and 2 sessions of HIIT (high intensity interval training). For my HIIT I do 30 minutes on a treadmill with :30 walking at 3.0 speed and :30 sprint at 7.5. On Monday I do an Arms & Shoulders workout which is what this post will review and go over. I train one or 2 body parts per day and focus on a warm up, super sets and 3 days a week I end my workout with an ab circuit. But for today let’s review my current arm and shoulder workout.

Arm & Shoulder Workout Program (Mondays)

5 minute warm up walking on treadmill or seated bike

Super Set #1: 10 reps for 4 sets with :45-:60 rest between super sets

1. Overhead Push Jerks

2. Standing upright rows

Below you will see me show a “push jerk”. I use a barbell and 10lb plates on each side currently but increase weight over time. You keep a shoulder width grip and start with the bar near your chest and then with an explosive movement you jerk the bar up overhead. Similar to a shoulder press but with power movement.


Use a weight that will challenge you but be careful to not go too heavy to cause any injury.IMG_5995.JPG

Upright Rows using a kettle bell, you can also use a set of dumb bells or a bar. I like to mix it up and use a different type of weight each Monday to challenge myself.


Super Set #2: 10 reps for 4 sets with :45-:60 seconds rest in between super sets

1. Rear dealt cable flyes (pictured below)

2. Front shoulder raises with dumb bells

Below is me using the cables to do the rear delt flyes. You will criss cross your arms and pull out to the side and back. Concentrate on bringing your shoulder blades tight together. This really is a great move I haven’t done before and really like the results thus far with it.


Super Set #3:  10 reps for 3 sets :45 seconds rest in between

1.Skull Crushers

2.  Bicep Curls

I didn’t get to photograph those two moves but they are very basic. You can do the skull crushers and bicep curls with a bar, plates or with dumb bells. It’s all up to you on what you have access to. At the end of this workout I do an ab circuit of planks, side bridges, toe touches and basic crunches for 3 rounds.

Videos to show how to do some of the movements from today’s workout:

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  1. Really looking forward making this my Monday workout from next week and trying a few things I haven’t don’t before! I really appreciate that you share with us your own workouts, rather than just suggesting generic programs for people to try. Another great write up, thank you!!

  2. Is this your cutting workout? I am trying to decide when to start mine. Also do you drastically change your diet while cutting? I’m so ready for spring!!!

  3. Hello no, i don’t start to cut until around march/april. I also am not cutting this year too much because i am getting married in june and can’t afford to lose too much weight in order to keep my dress from falling off after altering 🙂

  4. Love your latest back routine.mi enjoyed this as well. Do you have your current routine (in it’s entirety) posted anywhere?

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