Unique and Beautiful Wedding Favor Ideas by Artisano Designs

If you’re looking for some unique, quality wedding favors keep reading…

"Love Infused" Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate

As many of my readers know I am in the final stretches of planning my wedding. My wedding is in June this year which gives me about five months to get it all done and try and remain as stress free as possible. As we get closer a lot of items need to be checked off of my wedding to-do list, one of which is favors. Now I have to admit, I have not yet decided if I plan to do wedding favors. I am debating if if favors or a donation would  be best, especially since my mother has been diagnosed with cancer. It seems only fitting to make a donation to the American Lung Cancer Foundation for research, but I may decide to do both. Recently the company Artisano Designs reached out as they knew I was a bride to be planning my big day. They offered to send me some of their beautiful favor samples to see if they may be of interest to me, but I knew that it would be great to share with my readers.

Artisano Designs is the designer or maker of the products. They take extreme care and pride in the quality of their products and everything they sent to me was absolutely stunning. You can tell that the items are well made and not of cheap material and everything was packaged extremely well. You can learn more about their designs by visitin www.artisanodesigns.com but if you are interested in purchasing some of their items you would visit www.incasagifts.com as a retailer selling the entire collection.

Their team sent me a box full of items but I picked out four of my favorites to share with you in my blog post. They are listed below…


“Paris is For Lovers” Espresso Set – I loved this if you are planning to have a themed wedding that is Parisian, travel or European inspired. I love the idea of a set of espresso cups for you and your guest and the tiny plates with the detailing. This could also go really well with tiny canvas bags of espresso beans or chocolate covered espresso beans.


“The Measuring of Love” Heart Measuring Spoon Set – I thought this was a really cute idea to give at a bridal shower, not necessarily a wedding. I am sure the ladies would love to get this set and it would be cute to pair with a baked good or cupcake. The set comes completely packaged and has engraving on the spoons. I thought the attention to detail on these was great.


“Love Infused” Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Set – great for families like mine who love a nice plate set for dipping bread into olive oil at dinner. This is great for an outdoor wedding, Tuscan style wedding or for families like mine who are mostly Italian and could really use this favor.


“Taste of the Orchard” Olive Oil and Olive Tray Set – this one I liked because the plate is actually really large, it is not a small favor but I think it is great for a wedding that either is laced with Italian traditions or if it is on a wine vineyard. The packaging is great for a natural/rustic themed wedding.


As you can see these all come with their own packaging and are quite large in size. Your guests won’t feel like they are getting something they can’t use which is the problem when getting a lot of favors. Plus these are a good size favor as you can see from the photo.


Since the great team at Artisano Designs sent me so many great samples I am going to give the four items above away to one (1) lucky reader! If you are interested in getting your hands on this four pack of favors just comment below and I will select a winner at random in about 3 weeks from today.


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