meal prep : tuna and avocado lunch with brown rice cakes recipe

Tuna fish is a very high protein, low fat and low carb seafood to start adding to your weekly meal prep routine. It is very easy to make and keeps me very full while offering some great macros and nutrients. Tonight during my meal prepping I made two containers to use for two lunches this week. I always buy the larger cans of tuna fish since I use 1/2 of the larger ones for each lunch container. It helps to save space in the fridge by buying the larger cans and also saves me time opening up a bunch of cans too. I always buy the chunk light tuna and always the tuna in water, not oil. The larger container is usually 5 servings and a total of 250 calories, but breaking it in half brings the tuna down to 125 calories for each lunch (plus the other ingredients).

I highly recommend getting yourself some meal prep containers like these which are affordable, durable and easily cleaned after each day so that you can  make and pack your meals each day. I also provide some tips on daily meals and meal prepping on my blog. Do not be afraid of fats in your diet, it is good especially for women to get enough good fats into your diet from foods like avocado, peanut butter, almonds, whole fat cheese, etc.

To make this recipes I use the following ingredients listed below:

– Large cans of chunk light tuna in water

Walden Farms Amazing Mayo

Lemon & Pepper McCormick’s Seasoning

– Organic celery stalks

– Avocado

This is a great mix of good healthy fats and high protein!


In order to make this recipe I use 4 tbsp of Walden Farms Amazing Mayo. The nutritional facts are listed below but I love Walden Farms condiments because they are zero fat, zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugar. All the delicious taste without the guilt. Most “healthy” recipes get unhealthy very fast when they are over loaded with fattening and high calorie dressings, marinades or mayo. I usually buy these at my local farmer’s market or they are also sold at Fairway Market.


For tuna I got these larger cans at Target and tuna is high in protein and omega 3 – both amazing for your diet. (Since posting this article I have since switched tuna to the Trader Joe’s brand in water)


As mentioned I use one large can and divide it in half for two lunches. If you are on a low carb and low fat diet than this is a great option for you and it’s also tasty and easy to make each night.


For each lunch I use the following: (therefore you will double the below to make one large batch then divide up into your containers)

– 1/2 of an avocado diced

– 1/2 tbsp of lemon & pepper seasoning

– 2 tbsp of amazing mayo

– 1/2 large can of tuna fish

– 1 chopped stalk of celery


Once the large container is made then I just split it in half and add to my meal prep lunch tupperware.


To add some healthy carbs to my lunch I add 1 organic brown Lundberg rice cake. The one I use is gluten free, non – gmo and also has seaweed. They are so delicious and great to use to scoop up your tuna and add some carbs to your meal. This helps me to also feel full longer.


This is the final result and I pack these in the fridge and then take to work with me each morning. Below is the nutritional information for 1 lunch container as logged in MyFitnessPal.


Macros for this lunch:

33 grams of protein

22 grams of carbs

13 grams of fat

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  1. This looks really good and I know it’s been awhile since you posted it but please do yourself a favor and ditch that mayo! It’s horrible for you! Nothing good about sucralose ever.

  2. Sorry, but this is not considered low carb for a Ketogenic diet. 20g of carbs for my whole day! And why use fake Mayo??? That is worse for you than real mayo…and what’s wrong with fat?

  3. You may have different dietary needs so i’m sorry if this doesn’t work for your goals. and i don’t like using real mayo personally, walden farms i actually do like but again this is an older post too

    i prefer my fat form sources like almonds, fish etc

  4. Hi! I know this is an older post but I was curious since I want to use this recipe and am meal prepping, how you got your avocado to remain fresh? I’m thinking just brig avocado with meal and cut when eating? But just wanted to check if u had any tips 🙂

  5. Usually I do cottage cheese with protein powder and nuts in the AM or a turkey bacon, cheese and egg white omolette. mid day is a protein bar or a protein shake, lunch some type of chicken and green veggies, mid day is some nuts or a yogurt, dinner is a lean meat and salad and veggies, bed time is cottage cheese, protein powder and some flax seed. Thats a good look at a typical day

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