Come grocery shopping with me at Fairway Market

Follow me as I fill my cart with healthy foods at Fairway Market

I love shopping at Fairway Market (similar to a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods) because they always have great options, fresh produce, great seafood and meats selection and organic items I can’t find at regular super markets. Usually I stop here and get a few bags of groceries to meal prep on the weekend. These are items I buy quite often below so you can get a sense of what I buy (and what I don’t buy). I rarely buy any snacks or things like chips/crackers. My motto is “If it’s not in the house I can’t be tempted to eat it”. I used to be a big “snack eater” and always had chips, salsa and dips around. I never realized how bad that was late at night while sitting on the couch. Now I keep my fridge  stopped with fresh fruits to nimble on, yogurt and healthy options.







The first stop in Fairway for me is the produce section. I usually always buy their premade cut veggies so its easy to toss them into recipes. I love the chopped onions and peppers for omolettes in the morning. I also get some fruit (right now I am loving watermelon, oranges, red grapes and bananas). The Walden Farms dressings that I swear by are also in the produce area and I usually stock up on a few each trip.



Fairway Market has a great variety of fresh seafood. Their jumbo shrimp are actually large unlike some other places where you get smaller shrimp even when you pay for jumbo. I like to eat these alone or with a salad. I also usually get a pound and a half of salmon at once. My fiance loves how I prepare salmon and we usually wind up making all of it at once.


The only alcohol I ever consume is red wine. I actually prefer my fiance’s grandfather’s homemade Vino best but when I can’t get the good stuff I go for something like Menage A Trois. I love red blends or malbec wine best especially with a nice dinner. I avoid white wine due to the calories (more than red) and because it gives me headaches. I rarely drink hard liquor unless its a special occasion and I have a cosmo or a lychee martini 🙂






Staple items I get in the cold foods/dairy section: Fage fat free greek yogurt, Chobani fat free yogurt (it’s the only one my fiance will eat, he’s picky), some no salt cottage cheese and Ezekiel bread.




I usually always opt for fresh veggies but sometimes I just can’t get to cooking them before they go bad so I have to buy frozen things sometimes. I usually get the chopped spinach and brocolli florets frozen and make them for meal prep or on a late work night for dinner. I also love the sugar free ice pops above in the summer time as a nice treat instead of ice cream.


If you follow my blog or social media profiles you know how much I love Mrs. Dash seasonings. No MSG and taste great with veggies, meats, tuna fish, etc. I have a few flavors on hand at all times. I stopped cooking with any type of salt back in January (even stopped using sea salt). I don’t have any desire for salty tastes anymore which is good since it causes water retention (bloating).


And finally I usually get one or two of the unsweetened vanilla flavor almond milk. I use this for iced or regular coffee, in some protein ball recipes and for protein shakes. Skim milk has a lot of sugar, so I prefer almond milk over any other type of milk.

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