How to apply French manicure nail stickers

Easy to apply and try – DIY Nail Stickers


Applying nail stickers and decals is a relatively easy process that produces great results. If done properly they look salon-done without the hefty price. I recently have tried a few and this time I am using the Kiss brand called “Nail Dress.”


These you can find at Harmon’s or CVS and they come in various styles. I liked these because they are made to put on the tip of the nail and not necessarily the whole nail. You can however use for both I just personally don’t like using the whole nail pieces. This was around $8 at Harmon’s and is called “stripes”.


What I comes with and what you need. (Comes with small pink file and stickers. You will need scissors, clear polish and extra nail file if needed)


How to apply:
Make sure your nails and clean and apply a clear polish.


Open packaging and cut the strip down to a smaller size. Just enough to cover the tip where your nail meets the edge of your fingertip. You get three strips with various sizes.


Cut down the middle since you only need a small strip of the design.


Size the nail bed and then peel and apply. Hold down in place and smooth out. Apply pressure to make sure the sticker holds.



The excess sticker can be removed by simply filing over the edges. Then finish the rest of the nails and finish with a top coat. Voila!



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