Meal Prep – This Week’s Clean Eating Recipes 4/25/2013

You are what you eat – so eat clean and train mean!

This week I bought all of my meal prep items at Fairway Market which, if you have not shopped at this grocery story, or don’t have one near you, let me say it’s just amazing for clean eaters and those conscious of additives, gluten, artificial flavors, etc. It really offers lots of specialty products, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and organic products. Normally I prep my food on Sundays for the week but once I got home tonight I just got right to it while making tonight’s dinner. Sometimes for me, once I am in the cooking “zone” I like to just do it all at once. I prepped for about 4-5 days worth of day time meals and snacks (I always make dinner fresh so my prep is for daytime and in between meals.)


This week’s grocery shopping list included the following:

  • 1/2 lb of extra large shrimp
  • 1 lb of atlantic salmon filet
  • a family pack of antibiotic free chicken breasts
  • green salad mix (freshly made by Fairway) with onion, tomato and carrot shreds
  • brocolli spears/2 heads of brocolli
  • vegetable quinoa packets (2)
  • Walden Farms salad dressing (1 italian and one balsamic)
  • sweet potatoes
  • honey dew melon
  • cantaloupe
  • red grapes
  • cucumbers
  • pineapple slices
  • Annie Chuns shitake soy ginger marinade
  • almond butter no stir/no salt creamy
  • brown rice cakes
  • Ezekiel bread (low sodium)
  • Fage fat free plain greek yogurt
  • Chobani fat free plain greek yogurt
  • Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Egg White cartons (2 large)
  • lemons
  • vegan light mayonaisse


These are amazing salad dressings – they are sugar, gluten, carb free and very delicious! Mixed in with salad or as a marinade they are great!


Fairway Market has some great, fresh produce and fruits. Some of their items are premade or precut which is great! I love the premade pineapple slices and already made salad mix.


I am loving both of these new items – the Walden Farms dressings and Food for Life Ezekiel bread. Each slice has 4 grams of protein and this particular one is low in sodium. There are various other flavors as well like cinnamon bread 🙂


Here is a very good lunch ratio: a good carb (vegetable quinoa), a protein (grilled chicken made with olive oil and Mrs. Dash) and a vegetable/fiber (green salad).


I love cucumbers and usually will cut them up and leave the skin on and dip in fat free ranch or in guacamole or hummus as a treat. Or I throw them into salad.


Here is some left over white pork I had from yesterday and just mixed in some vegetable quinoa which has such a nice flavor!


Coconut oil is amazing to cook with and is great for hair and skin too. I say that it is a product with many uses. I like to grease my pans with this or sprinkle it on popcorn 🙂 Its a healthy oil just like an olive oil but has various other benefits.


I love making grilled shrimp in coconut oil and Mrs. Dash. These I bake in the oven until done and throw them onto salad or eat alone hot or cold. So much protein and so little calories.


I love making fresh atlantic salmon but always struggle with a marinade that isn’t high in sodium and foun Annie Chun’s which is not bad at all, it also has ginger which I love on salmon and it turned out amazing!


I love fresh steamed brocolli and make it first by boiling the spears in a big pot that is covered, then I transfer the spears to a pan which has some coconut oil in it an throw on some Mrs. Dash then cover and let it sit.


Now that it is warmer out I love some fruit to refresh and satisfy a sweet tooth. I love melon so I buy it and make small cups that I can take to work or eat on the couch at night.


Sweet potatoes are a good carb and I make them every week. Usually I make them whole but this week I sliced them up an spray with a little olive oil and threw a bit of Mrs. Dash on them. I baked them in the over for almost an hour.

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