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Bellami Shows Love to JerseyGirlTalk 🙂

A few weeks back I posted a few photos on my instagram (www.instagram.com/missads1981) and twitter (www.twitter.com/missads1981) about how thrilled and satisfied I was with my new Bellami Hair Extensions. They were kind enough to add my blog write up on their Press & Media page on their website:

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I have been spreading the word about this company for awhile now, even before I physically got my hair extensions in the mail. Why? Because from someone who works in social media full time and touches customers everyday I know how important customer service is. Nikki at Bellami Hair obviously cares about her customers. She even tells girls to send a photo of themselves to her so she can help to match their hair color. Many extensions sites will not do that and when you get a color that is not close to yours, you are pretty disappointed.


When it comes to hair extensions there are a few things to consider when buying online:

The Color: some computer monitors render color differently. None of us have hair that is exactly the same dark brown or light brown across the board. For me that is the most difficult part. Most sites are not going to help you pick your color and that is one thing that I loved about this purchase. I always love to see a site that shows big images of the hair in an obvious light setting so you can see the shine and the highlights of the hair (see below from Bellami’s website):color swatch hair

The Thickness: it’s great to have length (that’s why most people get hair extensions in the first place), but if it’s long and not as thick as your natural hair all you get is a whole lots of length that looks sparse and straggly. It’s important to look at how heavy in grams the total amount of hair is and also how many clips that includes. You want the long, bottom layers to be thick (double or triple wefted) so that the length and your hair flow and blend naturally. Many extensions online that are under $100 are not thick and not double wefted. You want to make it look natural and not be sure where the real hair ends and hair extensions begin (look at Sarah Jessica, amazing and yes in extensions)


The Clips: it’s very important to look at the quality of the hair clips being used on clip in hair extensions. If the clips don’t hold your hair tightly and firmly then you run the risk of them coming lose and slipping out. You also want to make sure the clips are the color of the hair (brown, black, blonde). Even though you won’t really see them I think it just is a nice detail of craftsmanship. You also want to make sure when you put them in that they lay flat against your head. If the clips are not flat when secured you will surely see the bump of the weft and it won’t sit naturally. (Below you see the clips used by Bellami which are a light brown which work nicely and they are sewn onto the weft tightly and there are a good number of clips so you can secure each track in)


The Number of Pieces You Get: It’s great to get 100 grams of hair but how many clips does that get you? You have to take into consideration your goals with your hair extensions…are you looking for a lot of length? Then you may just want double or triple wefted pieces to wear on the bottom only, up to the bottom of the ear area. Do you want over all volume? Then you may need varied lengths and sizes to also do clips on the side and temples. For me, I only like the bottom layers so for me having very thick 3-4 clip pieces is most important. I don’t need the single ones since I don’t like to place any clips above the ear area. As you can see above you get a TON of hair with Bellami.


The Customer Service: if you are going to spend $150-$250 on anything you should do your research. Do they get favorable reviews? Are there any rip-off reports online? Do they have a direct customer care email or phone number. You will also want to go online and find other girls who have tried these and watch videos or look at photos. Images on a website can be bought from a stock image gallery, they may not even be of a girl with any extensions in…so always look for customer testimonials.

– Return Policy: do they have one? Will they take back unopened/unused product? You may get them and not be 100% satisfied so always check to see what the policy is.

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I hope this was helpful in helping you navigate through the web as you start to consider purchasing your hair extensions.  Thank you again to Bellami for featuring me on your website 🙂

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