My New Bellami Human Hair Extensions – Review and Tips

When it comes to hair extensions I am a big believer in Bellami Hair Extensions

pick 2
I even trusted wearing my Bellami Hair Extensions for my Engagement photos 🙂

Here is my review of my purchase and why I think it’s worth investing in. If this is your first time buying hair extensions or you are looking for a new brand, please keep reading. I also have to say first that I have used hair extensions for over 10 years (all different types as well) and highly recommend going with clip-in hair extensions. They are the only real way to prevent damage on your own hair (even though many techniques say otherwise.) I only use my clips for special events or occasions and it’s a no-commitment way to change your look. Bellami was a brand I found on Instagram and I was not paid to write this review and did not receive the product for free. I paid with my own money for my extensions and have no reason to give them a good review unless I want to just share it with girls and women who want a true opinion. One thing to keep in mind is I make NO MONEY from recommending this product – many beauty bloggers and gurus get kick backs for talking about brands. If you see them using a promo code or coupon code it means they are making a % of every purchase of that product. For what it’s worth I have no financial gain from telling it like it is about this brand so rest assured this is a true, honest opinion.

The color I bought is a #4 which is a dark brown with some golden color in it. You can easily dye it darker or add ombre by adding highlights as well.

Buy your Bellami’s click here

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For years I used to wear hair extensions. I started in college and found a hair supply store near my house and would go and buy packs of hair on wefts and make my own. Over the years I tried every type of hair extension under the sun. From fusion bonds to glued in wefts to sew ins and clips: you name it, I tried it. I always did my own hair extensions because I felt that I knew my hair best and was always more comfortable trying new variations at home. I’d practice and study techniques to do on myself, watch Youtube tutorials – I learned to do them all, yes even fusion bonds. Those I will say took so much time and work and I only did them twice. When I was modeling years ago hair extensions were such a popular accessory. The long flowing locks were a signature look but the years of wear took a huge toll on my hair. Over time my hair would break and feel really dry. I never gave my hair a chance to breathe and the constant upkeep was tiring and expensive. I wish I never did so much to my hair back then because it took years to get my hair back to normal – but I did realize that clip ins were the best way to go to cause the least amount of damage.

So about 5 years ago I swore off hair extensions for good. I stopped wearing them, got a short, to my shoulder, hair cut and it felt like a weight had been lifted. I gave my hair a break and finally years later it has gotten so much healthier but it took time and patience. I was very nervous to do any type of hair extensions again fearing it would ruin my hair that took forever to get healthy again. But now on the special occasion I actually like adding a few clip on extensions for length and I know they are not permanent and at the end of the evening I can remove, store and be back to my natural hair again. I had made a pair of my own clip ins and would wear them once in a blue moon. The photo below is me with the hair extensions in that I made and dyed myself. I bought a version of this type of hair but you can also buy similar on Amazon if you want to test and try some extensions before buying any more expensive brands: buy here.


I was happy with these and wore them a few times. They matched perfectly because I dyed them and I was able to physically go into the hair store to match the color and texture – something you can’t really do online. Then I heard about Bellami Hair Extensions. I read a few great reviews and I had really wanted to finally just buy a pair of clip in extensions without having to spend a few hours of my own making them. So after some researching I placed my order. I picked the color #2 which is a dark brown. I knew that I was going to have to take the hair extensions to my hair dresser to dye them so I picked a color that was a little lighter than my hair to be able to match them perfectly. What I love about the Bellamis is you get a TON of hair and the clips are very strong and really grab your hair. They are also very long and silky. The only downside of having really long extensions is they can sometimes appear more fake, so I recommend having yours trimmed down by your hair stylist so they can match the natural layers of your hair.




My Bellami clip ins cost $150 and I have to say it was well worth it. Normally when I make my own I get good hair and a pack costs me $50-$65. I will usually buy two packs because I want them to be thick. Then I have to buy the supplies like clips, needle and thread. I then have to dye them, let them dry and make them. I always usually find those items at Sally’s Hair Supply. It takes up an entire day to do them start to finish and it’s just exhausting. I wanted to just buy a set I know would be great quality and last me a long time. So I placed the order and they arrived in about a week. I was so excited to get them! The packaging has changed since my first order, I have since bought a second pair that were shorter and not as heavy (I ordered the color  #1C this time and the 160gram set)


You get two 4 clip pieces, two 3 clip pieces, two two clip pieces and 4 single clip pieces. That is a lot of hair. And all the clips minus the singles are double wefted. That means they double up the hair with one on top of one another to make them thicker. The clips are very strong and hold the hair in place. Some clips don’t do a good job of this but these do. The last thing you want when wearing extensions is to dear the slightest tug or a really big hug from someone will pull them right out of your head. That would be embarrassing! I always like to spray my hair at the root then tease it a little bit so the clip has something to hold onto. If you have thin hair this will be a good idea.


As you can see they are super long! These are the longest I have seen that you can buy for this quality and price. When they are not curled they go down to my waist. I have only worn them once and used a proliss clipless curler which is amazing! For me I only really needed the two 4 clips and two 3 clips to achieve this look. My hair is quite long without extensions so for me it’a great to have extra hair. Below is me without any extensions:


 I am happy to answer anyone’s questions as well. Feel free to post them below. 🙂



Don’t forget your extension will only last as long as you take good care of them. Make sure to use a brush like this so it doesn’t kill your extensions. Also let them air dry after washing them. You can heat style but make sure to give them a break. Big shout out to Nikki from Bellami who is a doll to work with. Love my purchase.


Want tips on how to care for your Bellamis: Click here

pick 1
Me wearing my latest pair of Bellami Hair in #1C color

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  1. Hi I just ordered the new bellami set Lilly hair which is 260 grams I can’t wait I got a chestnut so that it can pick up a magenta I wanted to know after dyin and use how long is the life span of bellami and did they she’s a lot I have been using all kind of methods throughout the years as well and I have currently fusion that last me about up to six months so I know and have really good quality hair I jus wanna know of they do live up to there high expectations because I am removing and trading my fusions a bit early for my removal like 4 month already for the bellamis

  2. Hi there! I dont wear my hair extensions daily so they have lasted me since i bought them. I wear them for the evening and then put them back in my drawer. as long as you use a good quality hair dye you should be fine. i also condition mine and wash them every few weeks but don’t feel the need to wash them so often. that dries them out. I loved my bellamis, i just find they were a littel too long for me so i had to have them cut down a bit.

  3. I just would like to know if you shou;d wash them as soon as you get them. Because I’ve heard of a coating being on top the actual hair that gets on your flat irons and clothing. I am really interested in purchasing this hair and your review really did help me. Thank you!

  4. Hi, as soon as I got my Bellami’s they were not the same color match as my hair so i had them dyed anyhow. It is usually a best practice to wash hair extensions especially human hair to remove any wax residue or dye that is still on the hair.

  5. I’m planning on buying some bellami hair extension and I’m wondering if they shed alot? I’ve been hearing lots of bad review on them.

  6. Hi Anabel,

    They did not shed a lot for me. It all depends on how you care for them. If you yank at them with the wrong brush any extension will shed. There may be some initial shedding but nothing major at all

  7. Hi there,
    Loved your review on the Bellami’s. I was reading your article and wasnt sure which one you bought. The 120 g, 160g, or 220g. I’m doubtful its the 220g, as that costs around $200. I’m confused cus I like volume and I want to use most- all of the extensions at one time, but dont want it to look to heavy. So, I’m not sure which one to get. I have medium to thick naturally curly hair. When I flat iron, it reaches about 4 in above my waistline and I’m about 5’3. At the same time, I dont really want to cut it, as I would bad that I paid so much for all the extensions, and then I had to cut it. For this reason, I may consider the 160g as its 20 in and not 22 in. Is the thickness level for the 160g and 220g the same and the added weight is the 2 in added to every strand? Would you know by any chance? Hope to hear soon. Thxx!!

  8. I believe mine were the 160g since I paid around $150 I believe, something like that. There was MORE than enough hair with that weight, I didnt’ even use the single wefts at all and never used all the wefts in my hair at once. It felt very heavy if i did. I personally didnt like having mine down to my waist as they started to look a bit fake then since they didtn blend with my hair length but if your hair is already long you should be ok with the 22s.

  9. I am in the market for some extensions and I really appreciate your honest review. My hair colour is similar to yours. What colour do you get in the Bellami extensions?

  10. The color I bought is a #4 which is a dark brown with some golden color in it. You can easily dye it darker or add ombre by adding highlights as well.

  11. I bought a pair of extensions for Sally’s, which for first time extensions they weren’t too bad. I haven’t had them too long, so I don’t want to waste money and buy a new pair right away. My biggest problem is that when I put on the last extension piece at the top of my head, hair comes over it (to cover the clips) and shows how short my hair is. Any suggestions?

  12. I just purchased the 6 in 1 Bellami Curler! I’m waiting for it to come still, but I also was looking at the extensions. I was wondering what the difference is between the Piccolina, Bambina, Bellisima, and Lily Hair is. What do they mean, and what is the difference between them all? Which ones do you have?

  13. The major difference is the grams. The more grams means the more hair/heavier the package is going to be. Many women who buy extensions online never look at the grams/weight. When they show up they are light and thin and dont provide volume that you want. The more grams = the more volume. With the heavier sets like the Lily Hair many people wind up using only half the wefts because that’s all you need. Hope that helps you. let me know how the curler is!

  14. I have heard the Sally’s are good as well, especially if you aren’t ready to invest so much into extensions. The Sally’s ones are not cheap though, roughly $100-$140 a pack. I like their colors offerings too with multidemnsional colors. If you find that the hair is not blend well with your extensions here are some suggestions:
    1. take your extensions with you to your hair salon and ask that they be cut into natural layers. This will help the problem of your hair being short and the extensions looking fake
    2. curl them. it is easier to blend the extensions with your own hair if they are curled. It is pretty hair to blend straight hair, that’s why most girls curl the hair with extensions in 🙂

  15. So since you bought the 160 gram do you recommend wearing on a daily basis ? My hair is short amd thin from to much coloring so I was thinking I can wear these will I go out and about.

  16. I do not wear mine on a daily basis. Usually only at night time if we go out or i have a special event. I like to make my extensions last and find if I wear them daily they will not last as long. I use them for special occasions mostly 🙂

  17. Do you receive any advertising revenue from BellaMi? I noticed you do advertise their products on your site. In light of full disclosure since you mentioned you weren’t compensated for your review or don’t get any sort of value back from mentioning them, a positive review of the the product and then receiving click-through compensation or other forms of advertising revenue, should someone buy the product via your website is the equivalent of pitching a product for value.

  18. I added banners recently. A year after this post was written. I was not sent free product from Bellami. I paid for my extensions myself. After seeing the number of girls looking for reviews on my site I added easily traceable links and banners. If I hated their product I would delete the post. Since I don’t I keep it up and allow girls to click if they want to buy. I hope that clears things up.

  19. I was shopped & used Bellami Hair Extensions first time at my 17th Birthday & was strange to get totally different look. its completely changed my look. Everyone complemented & treated me like a princess. So i m a bigger fan of Bellami Hair Extensions.

  20. Are you still enjoying these Bellami Hair Extensions !? I’m trying to decide between them and Bellami Hair Extensions – any advice!? I know you wrote this a couple of months ago! Thanks!

  21. Do the clips have a silicone strip on them? I’ve heard mixed reviews about them sliding vs. staying put. I’m looking for extensions for my wedding, so I really don’t want them going anywhere! xo

  22. The clips do not have a strip but they are small and strong. I just tease my hair in the area where the clip will go and it locks in tight. I use the big sexy hair powder play and then tease it and they stay in nice and snug.

  23. hi! I am debating on buying them but I am worried that it wont match my hair!! I have super curly latina hair and in Florida the humidity is crazy, so I want to make sure that it will match together, I would hate for my natural hair to get super curly and a little frizzy but then the extensions be perfect!! Do you have any experience with that? thank you!

  24. That is the toughest challenge with extensions – making sure your hair type matches the hair extensions. From my experience the hair from bellami is very healthy and shiny but holds curl well. It will not spiral curl up on its own without lots of tight curling iron work. It would be best if you have your hair in a loose curl or striaght. Try to apply some anti frizz product to your hair and leave the bellamis without it.

  25. This is my first ever having hair extensions , first time doing it on my own . I was wondering when putting the extensions in how much space do you do between each extension , also how for down do you start …
    I have 10 piece set

  26. I usually only put them in the back and start at the very base of the neck with a small amount of hair on the bottom. I place them almost 1/4 of an inch from one another. I use about 4 wefts and go up to about the top of my ear. any higher and you would likely see the tracks

  27. hi i just ordered the lily hair extensions ….i have fine hair . did i make the right choice ?i dont like wearing more that 3 wefts …and i want the volume . Please help

  28. The lily hair is the best quality they sell. I have to say that my last set was the regular bellamis and I wish i bought another set of the lily hair. Lily is TOP quality and it will blend and last a very long time.

  29. Hi, I’m receiving my Bellami hair extensions soon. I was wondering if it is necessary to wash them before you can use any hot tools. I heard that the silicone coating can otherwise ruin your hot tools, but I’m not sure if this is correct. Thank you for your help 🙂

  30. Hi! Thanks for the review. I just have one question. I just received my extensions in the Bambina 160g 20″ Dark Brown Set. The hair is beautiful. The color matches my natural hair perfectly. I just have one problem, the ends seem to be too choppy. As in there is no layering affect going on. I put them in and my natural hair blends nicely. It adds probably 6-7″ to my hair. Maybe more. But you can tell where each end of the extension is. You cannot tell where my natural hair is because it matches so well. But the ends of the extension themselves just aren’t feathered or layered or anything. I’m sad cause I was so excited to get them and then the minute I put them in I’m dissapointed because I wanted to wear them but they just don’t look natural at the moment. HELP! Is the only way to fix this is if I go to a stylist to get it layered? I have to spend more money??

    I’ve owned another set of extensions and they were great and matched well and layered well. These seem to be of even better quality but the ends are just chopped. 🙁 What should I do?

  31. Hi Emily, I noticed the same thing when I ordered my second set. Thankfully for me I always use curling iron to the ends of my extensions to help them blend better and give them volume so that seemed to help. I don’t like to wear extensions completely straight because they never really blend with my hair great. I suggest trying that approve to see if that helps you

  32. Hi! Thanks so much for your review! The extensions look great on you! Been buying extensions for years and years and the problem has always been that they are too thin and they never list how many grams they are. When I came across the Bellami hair I loved that it told you how many grams it was. I’ve done hours and hours and hours of research and my hair is not thick it’s pretty thin. I want to order the 260 g Lily hair so that I can have it for thickness. Do you think this will blend with my thinner hair? I sure hope so!

  33. I have done sooo much research on clip in extensions recently and all I seem to find is negative about Bellami’s. But it is also so hard to trust because I know people don’t take good care of their hair. I was just wondering how you feel your hair has held up since you have had them for a while? I just keep going back and forth about Bellami’s! Thank you!

  34. Hi Leeah,

    Personally i always like to make my own hair extensions so i can go touch and feel the hair. Sometimes I dont have the time to do that so Bellami’s were great. I don’t wear mine much at all, maybe a few times every few months so mine held up great. I dont wear them daily and if I did i have a feeling they would get a bit tangly and dry. i have read reviews of that and that is likely due to over use and over processing with hair tools and dyes

  35. Hi! Thanks so much for your review! I’m your newest follower for your blog…Would you like to visit and follow my blog please–

  36. Hey. Thanks for the review. Question. Do you know if the magnifica 24 in or bellisima 22 in are good choices? I’ve used hair extensions for the longest but always find they get scraggly and knotty after a while. Looking for a brand that won’t.

  37. I do prefer the 22 inch as 24 to me is entirely too long and not as natural looking. i also always curl mine so the ends always looked nice

  38. He;;p, i just ordered my bellami’s 4 days ago. i cut my hair into a short bob back in november because it was very damaged due to over processing my hair- now it is a little past my shoulder. i got the Bellissimas 220g 22″. do you think it will blend nicely with my natural hair?

  39. I love the thorough review. You really hit the main points that should be written in a blog. I see many with very little detail. Have you tried My Fantasy Hair yet? I think they are a newer online brand. Their reviews are amazing, so I am a bit torn. I have seen My Fantasy Hair because my best friend has them, and they are so gorgeous. She says they last a really long time too. There are seriously no broken hairs anywhere in her extensions. Have these Bellamis lasted you a long time? I any something that really holds up. I have seen bad reviews on Bellami and that they don’t last. I really like this article so I am just wondering if they are worth it, and if they last?

  40. I have to say that my first order of bellami were much better than my second, however they are still a good brand. I think there are likely some new ones popping up which are good as well but i’d have to wait to review until i buy a new set from another brand. i also loved the quality of Hair Kandy but their ordering and customer service is not good and girls have told me they have had to wait many weeks to get a response.

  41. I purchased the bellisima 220 gram 22″ extensions and just tried out the tester. I noticed that about an inch down from the clips it appeared that a row of the hair had been cut super short as if they were trying to thin them out? I just want to know if this is normal or what and wanted a second opinion. Planning on calling tomorrow and sending a photo to describe it as well.

  42. that would def make me call to check with them, you may need to get a replacement order as you should not have short hairs with hair that is top quality

  43. Today i went to bellami & purchased my extension im just scared to open it & put them on & tangle & shed my hair is thin i need to get them blend into my hair .

  44. Believe I got the 20, though I would prefer 18. I think anything longer than 18 can look pretty fake unless you already have super long hair

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