My New Bellami Human Hair Extensions – Review and Tips

When it comes to hair extensions I am a big believer in Bellami

Here is my review of my purchase and why I think it’s worth investing in. If this is your first time buying hair extensions or you are looking for a new brand, please keep reading. I also have to say first that I have used hair extensions for over 10 years (all different types as well) and highly recommend going with clip-in hair extensions. They are the only real way to prevent damage on your own hair (even though many techniques say otherwise.) I only use my clips for special events or occasions and it’s a no-commitment way to change your look. Bellami was a brand I found on Instagram and I was not paid to write this review and did not receive the product for free. I paid with my own money for my extensions and have no reason to give them a good review unless I want to just share it with girls and women who want a true opinion. Enjoy xo Adrienne

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. – Audrey Hepburn


For years I used to wear hair extensions. I started in college and found a hair supply store near my house and would go and buy packs of hair on wefts and make my own. Over the years I tried every type of hair extension under the sun. From fusion bonds to glued in wefts to sew ins and clips: you name it, I tried it. I always did my own hair extensions because I felt that I knew my hair best and was always more comfortable trying new variations at home. I’d practice and study techniques to do on myself, watch Youtube tutorials – I learned to do them all, yes even fusion bonds. Those I will say took so much time and work and I only did them twice. When I was modeling years ago hair extensions were such a popular accessory. The long flowing locks were a signature look but the years of wear took a huge toll on my hair. Over time my hair would break and feel really dry. I never gave my hair a chance to breathe and the constant upkeep was tiring and expensive. I wish I never did so much to my hair back then because it took years to get my hair back to normal – but I did realize that clip ins were the best way to go to cause the least amount of damage.

So about 5 years ago I swore off hair extensions for good. I stopped wearing them, got a short, to my shoulder, hair cut and it felt like a weight had been lifted. I gave my hair a break and finally years later it has gotten so much healthier but it took time and patience. I was very nervous to do any type of hair extensions again fearing it would ruin my hair that took forever to get healthy again. But now on the special occasion I actually like adding a few clip on extensions for length and I know they are not permanent and at the end of the evening I can remove, store and be back to my natural hair again. I had made a pair of my own clip ins and would wear them once in a blue moon. The photo below is me with the hair extensions in that I made and dyed myself:


I was happy with these and wore them a few times. They matched perfectly because I dyed them and I was able to physically go into the hair store to match the color and texture – something you can’t really do online. Then I heard about Bellami Hair Extensions. I read a few great reviews and I had really wanted to finally just buy a pair of clip in extensions without having to spend a few hours of my own making them. So after some researching I placed my order. I picked the color #2 which is a dark brown. I knew that I was going to have to take the hair extensions to my hair dresser to dye them so I picked a color that was a little lighter than my hair to be able to match them perfectly. What I love about the Bellamis is you get a TON of hair and the clips are very strong and really grab your hair. They are also very long and silky. You can’t go wrong!




My Bellami clip ins cost $150 and I have to say it was well worth it. Normally when I make my own I get good hair and a pack costs me $50. I will usually buy two packs because I want them to be thick. Then I have to buy the supplies like clips, needle and thread. I then have to dye them, let them dry and make them. It takes up an entire day to do them start to finish and it’s just exhausting. I wanted to just buy a set I know would be great quality and last me a long time. So I placed the order and they arrived in about a week. I was so excited to get them!



You get two 4 clip pieces, two 3 clip pieces, two two clip pieces and 4 single clip pieces. That is a lot of hair. And all the clips minus the singles are double wefted. That means they double up the hair with one on top of one another to make them thicker. The clips are very strong and hold the hair in place. Some clips don’t do a good job of this but these do. The last thing you want when wearing extensions is to dear the slightest tug or a really big hug from someone will pull them right out of your head. That would be embarrassing! I always like to spray my hair at the root then tease it a little bit so the clip has something to hold onto. If you have thin hair this will be a good idea.


As you can see they are super long! These are the longest I have seen that you can buy for this quality and price. When they are not curled they go down to my waist. I have only worn them once and used a proliss clipless curler which is amazing! For me I only really needed the two 4 clips and two 3 clips to achieve this look. My hair is quite long without extensions so for me it’a great to have extra hair. Below is me without any extensions:



The proliss box also is makes for a great place to store my bellamis! I will take some more photos in my extensions soon. I am happy to answer anyone’s questions as well. Feel free to post them below. :)


Don’t forget your extension will only last as long as you take good care of them. Make sure to use a brush like this so it doesn’t kill your extensions. Also let them air dry after washing them. You can heat style but make sure to give them a break. Big shout out to Nikki from Bellami who is a doll to work with. Love my purchase.


Want tips on how to care for your Bellamis: Click here

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  1. Hi I just ordered the new bellami set Lilly hair which is 260 grams I can’t wait I got a chestnut so that it can pick up a magenta I wanted to know after dyin and use how long is the life span of bellami and did they she’s a lot I have been using all kind of methods throughout the years as well and I have currently fusion that last me about up to six months so I know and have really good quality hair I jus wanna know of they do live up to there high expectations because I am removing and trading my fusions a bit early for my removal like 4 month already for the bellamis

  2. Hi there! I dont wear my hair extensions daily so they have lasted me since i bought them. I wear them for the evening and then put them back in my drawer. as long as you use a good quality hair dye you should be fine. i also condition mine and wash them every few weeks but don’t feel the need to wash them so often. that dries them out. I loved my bellamis, i just find they were a littel too long for me so i had to have them cut down a bit.

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