The best lip conditioners and products for chapped dry lips

In the winter months your lips lose moisture and become chapped and dry. This causes cracking and peeling which can be a pain when applying lipstick and gloss. Just like your face its important that your canvas is soft and exfoliated before you apply any makeup. I have tried many lip balms and chapsticks and most of the time they cause your lips to become even more dry (so you have to keep applying and buy more!) I avoid Chapstick now at all costs since some of the ingredients actually dry out your lips. Ever notice how often you have to keep reapplying?


I have found that these 4 items work best to keep my lips hydrated and soft even in the worst winter months. My favorite is aquaphor by eucerin. It is a clear jelly consistency and really is my all time go-to for lip care. It is about $6 and usually you get them in a two pack so I like to keep one with me at all times and a back up in the car.


My second favorite is by reviva labs and it is a vitamin E stick. You can get it in vitamin shoppe or online for about $4. This can be used on your lips and under your eyes too. I love this since it looks like a lipstick so it’s easy to apply.


Two others are Bonnie’s balm which I got at sephora and it is 100% natural and made with oils like grapeseed and sunflower. The last one is by wet & wild calls juicy lip balm. It is a strawberry flavor and adds a hint of color on your lips. It is a big tube so it covers your lips on one application. That one is about $2-3.

I don’t use carmex which is supposedly really good but it really dries your lips. I also like Burt’s bees chapsticks too but mostly in the summer since they have SPF protection. The pomegranate one is amazing. I also recommend that once a week you exfoliate your lips to remove the dead skin. You can do this with some brown sugar and Vaseline and rub into your lips in a circular motion.

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