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Elf Nailpolish – Fun, Flirty and Inexpensive


I love a good deal and what better place to get one than at Target. You know what I mean, you walk in for really no reason…maybe you need some ziplocks or toothpaste and you walk out with a cart full of “I didn’t even need that!” Well that’s me, and that was me this weekend. I went in there for I think candles (been looking for some great pumpkin or nutmeg scented ones that last long and make my place smell like Halloween.) Anyhow, I was browsing around as always and found myself in the make up aisle (of course.)


To my surprise on the end of the aisle, right on the end cap I saw a bunch of E.l.f. cosmetics and guess what? They were on clearance, marked down to really low prices. I was able to get each of these nail polishes for $1.70 each! At that price you really can’t go wrong. So I got 3.


These colors are great for fall. The darker blue with glitter I have on right now and I only needed one coat. They dry super quick as well which for me is a plus. I am always doing them on the way to work or right before I head into the building. The middle is like a dark gray/brown and similar to an Essie I have but it’s a good color for any outfit. I also wanted the clear with the gold glitter to put over many of the colors I already have.


I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how thick and shiney these are. So far I have only used the first one, the blue, but I will likely swap it out for the brown/mauve one next and let you know how that is. I opt to do my own manicures in the winter to save some money and so that I can change the colors often. I really don’t like to leave any one color on for more than a few days. If you happen to go to Target this week you might find some of these on clearance too. They also had brushes for a few bucks on sale, I got two of those also.


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